Monday, August 29, 2011

Conversations With Payton

Happy Monday!!

Kindergartners are so funny, and I just happen to think the one that is my "little one" is extra


I drive him the eight or so miles to school every morning, and I just never know what sorts of thing we will talk about on the way there. 

I'm going to give you a little glimpse into my mornings!!

We were driving along and I was telling Payton that I was going to see Jackie later on this morning, and I was going to go with her to buy some goggles for her Chemistry class.  For some reason he said "goggles is a Spanish word".  I had to argue with him for a few minutes over why it WAS NOT a Spanish word.  He then said...well what do people in England speak?  I am always amazed (but not really...he's so very smart) that he even knows about other countries.  I told him they speak English in England.  I then had to explain about what "Countries" were and how they each spoke different languages.  He then asked me how do people learn the languages in their countries.  I explained to him that many people speak those languages and they learn it from their families if they live in those countries.  I told him that in England they speak English, in Spain they speak Spanish, in Japan they speak Japanese, and in China they speak Chinese. 
Then he asked me


I told him I do not know

He said MiMi,

at the North Pole!!!

I am pretty sure I should have known that could I possibly NOT have known that??

We drove a little further and a skunk

ran across the dirt road in front of our car. 

Payton said MiMi, you should have hit it.  (He's five...five year old boys are just like that.  Especially country boys who don't see any good reason for skunks to be here LOL)

I told him....ohhhhh no, stay far far away from skunks ALWAYS. 
I explained to him how even if you hit one with your car the spray smell will stay on there for DAYS.  I also told him that if a skunk were to spray him or the dogs it would be very hard to get it off.  He asked me if water would get it off.  I explained to him that pretty much only tomato juice gets the smell off.  I told him how funny it would be to have to take a bath in tomato juice or wash the dogs in tomato juice.  I then said...we would have to WASH OUR CAR in tomato juice!! 

He said...Oh nooo MiMi....I couldn't do that.


Ohhh I was really giggling at this point!! 

We drove a little further and a rock popped up and hit the car.  He asked me what the noise had been.  When I told him it was a rock he said

"MiMi....if a rock ever hits your window and cracks it, you can call SAFELITE and they will come right away and fix it.  It won't cost you a thing, it's FREE". 

It was

Then he told me...I saw that on a commercial MiMi....he has become fascinated with commercials recently.  EVERY single time there is product being sold ....whether it's a ShamWow, or the little turntables that go in your cabinet to sort your spices he is convinced


I get sales pitches from the TV and HIM

I sure do love that little boy, and I know that every morning our rides down the country roads of East Texas are full of conversation and laughter!!

This is what makes my days tick and my world turn!!

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