Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My New Addiction!! :) :)

Alrighty, so I don't know how many of you have heard of this website, PINTEREST.COM, but let me tell you, it is AWESOME!!  I have seen it mentioned over the last few months over several websites, and it got my curiosity up.  You have to ask for an invitation, either from someone you know, which you can always ask me and I will send you an invite, or you can email the website directly from the form located on there. 

As you are browsing the web, you can start "pinning" your favorite finds, your styles, your wish list, your must haves etc...all to this one website where it is easy to find again, and you can share it with your friends!!  What is not to like about that?? 

I'll be perfectly honest, it has made me feel like a person again.  Over time, a lot of us tend to put "who we really are, and what WE want" on the back burner, and we get busy with kids, life, etc.....this has reminded me that I have a definite style, in the way I want to decorate my home to reflect me, and in the way I dress.  It reminds me how much I enjoy looking at all of the new gadgets coming out that make our lives so much easier.  It's just pure fun and I am now motivated to SPRING CLEAN my house and move in the direction of having it reflect who I am and how I want it to look. 

I will be perfectly honest, it took us several days to figure out how to load the "pinning widget" onto our computers, but once we got that down, we have all been pinning like crazy.  It's fun to get some of your friends to join along with you, and you can share with each other all of the things that make your world tick. 

Come follow me:  Carol Dison on Pinterest.com and I will follow you back!! 

Have a beautiful day and HAPPY PINNING!!  :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the day to honor all of our fallen soldiers who have died preserving our freedom!  Let us never forget....FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!! 

The American flag does not fly because the wind moves past it - The American flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it. American soldiers don't fight because they hate what's in front of them....They fight because they love what's behind them ♥

* 6-28-11* I've had so many people come to this blog and read it that I am just ever so grateful!!  I want to add that my father retired as a Naval Commander and logged over 4,000 hours of flight time.  He served in Korea and Vietnam.  I appreciate all of our Military members who have served!!  :) :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Husband Dies Saving Wife From Joplin Tornado

Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

There have been sooooo many tragedies this past week, and this one really struck home. This young man laid over his wife in their bathtub in Joplin, Missouri last Sunday. He was trying his best to shield her from the tornado that was leaving utter destruction and devastation in it's path. He sacrificed his own life to save hers. This is a true love story if I ever have ever seen one, <3, and such a horribly bittersweet sadness to it. God Bless his wife and both of their families on the loss of her fine husband.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Payton's Party Plan

For those of my friends who love party planning, this is for you!!  We are currently planning Payton's 5th Birthday party!!  He is soooo super excited about it.  It has gone from a "camping" party to more of a "bug" party!!   Talk about an interesting starting point to find ideas for!!  The big thing for us is trying to design his birthday cake.  You knooooow how much we love cakes around here!!    If you google "fondant cupcake toppers" there are actually quite a few people who make them in pretty much any design you could ever want....except of course insects which is what we need!!  We have found a few though, and yes, I know, a frog is not an insect but it kind of goes with what we are doing (under the category of "slimy things little boys love to play with" ha!!

The problem we are running into is we only need one or two of each so I am not sure which route we will go on trying to get various "bugs"
We've also seen several cute ideas for snacks and such....and really really super cute games!! I like the idea of putting red grapes in a bowl and labeling them "snake eyes" and red craisins as "dried ants"....you know those kids would love that!! 

Quite some years back, when I was being creative....I once made some "worm pies" LOLOL for the ladies in my office!!  I got some tiny little terra cotta vases, filled them with mashed oreo cookies, cool whip, chocolate pudding, and then I think some more mashed cookies on top to look like dirt...and then you stick gummy worms in the top to make it look like they are crawling out....ha...may have to do some version of that for the kids as well!!

As hard as I tried to make this a photo blog...it just isn't happening!!  I will try to share some of our "inspiration boards" as we go along planning this...a lot was accomplished today!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

When Seasons Change.....

Hi Friends!!  I am writing this blog in response to a blog prompt from an awesome lady over at http://thegypsymama.com/.  Today's "prompt" is When Seasons Change and you have 5 minutes to write what is on your mind....hahaha for those of you who know me...you know I could never write everything on my mind in 5 minutes!! :)  I only covered about 1 1/2 seasons....but this was fun!!  This is what I wrote....still wish I could write about Winter and Spring!!


When Seasons Change it is a time for new adventures and making new memories, bringing out old traditions and remembering those family members who are no longer with us who have taught us to be who we are today! 

I think of how much I love when Summer comes...those summers spent out at my Grandparent's lake house, being lazy hanging out on the dock.  How my Grandmother would never turn away any family member and there was ALWAYS someone staying in her little guest cabin.  I've learned how to bake and cook, and how to treat those who need help while under her watchful eye all of those summers.  Summer is a time for me to let my grandkids now play and splash in the water and enjoy the pleasure of just being a kid in the warm sunshine!!

When the season starts turning to fall I am reminded of my children going back to school even though they are grown now with kids of their own.  How much fun it is to get ready for the cool months coming, the start of fresh new learning, how much I love to write in a brand new notebook!!  I love the Fall season because of the High School Football games :)


Please go follow her blog at http://thegypsymama.com/ and come follow me too....I enjoy meeting new friends!! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another "Ducky" Day!!

Today Jackie had another job interview!  To hear the details of this job, I know it's one that is tailor made for her, and I am sure hoping she gets the offer!! :)  Because she had an interview, I drove up to Tyler to babysit Adleigh!!  Her interview was at 12.  My other daughter Jessica has some of the best supervisors in the world, who let her work extra hours during the week to take off early on Thursday and Friday during T Ball season so it's easy to get to Patyon's practice and games.  Because of that, she was off by 1 today, and met us at Jackie's house :)

I have to mention as well the story about Jackie's hubby Cody.  He is such a prankster, and I swear, if he does what he did today again he may meet an untimely ending haha.  He found out that there is an app for the iphone where you can make your number look like someone elses and call someone with that number.  He just sooooo happened to choose my phone number to call Jackie with.  There is noooo way he could have known this....(."technically" it wasn't him who called Jackie, but his cousin who works with him).  anyway....right when they were calling Jackie I had just gone into the bathroom.  When Jackie saw that it was my number calling her, she was being funny and walking up to the outside of the bathroom door, thinking I was calling her from the bathroom...and saying...CAN I HELP YOU??  YES MA'AM...ARE YOU HAVING PROBLEMS??  And then she realized there was a male voice on the phone...and he was saying...hey...I found this phone, and I want to return it to you...I've seen your photos, you are very pretty...can we meet for lunch and I can give you this phone back??  Or can I just come to your house, if you tell me where you live I will bring it to you.....soooo Jackie starts flipping out...I come out of the bathroom and she says MOM...SOMEONE SAYS THEY FOUND YOUR PHONE...which I was like whaaaaa?? My phone is in my purse....and I pulled it out...then her face turned white.......I guess that guy hung up and her husband called her laughing and said he was glad she wouldn't meet strange men for lunch etc....I think we all wanted to kill him at that point....that was soooo creepy!!  My son-in-law...haha think I'm gonna have to whack him with something the next time I see him :) 

Jackie fixed us lunch and we decided to take both of the kids to feed the ducks at UT Tyler.  Payton was pretty sad that he missed feeding the ducks the last time we had gone!!  UT Tyler is a beautiful campus. 
We had such a fun time...and I swear...before it was all over all of us were chunking bread at each other's heads....us Dison girls just can't leave well enough alone.....ohhhh a day in my life....this is why I share it with everyone....haha....you just wouldn't believe it unless you were here...and this is the next best thing!!

you should have seen the two arguing over who carried what bread...ahhhh kids...

had to of course stop and play at the metal turtle


Trying and Trying to coax the ducks to come to him

Jessica came over straight from work...she had no idea when she got dressed this morning she would be walking next to a lake in a skirt and heels

One of my most favorite photos EVER!!

My favorite people!! <3

The Hawk Attack Sign ~ we have yet to see one hawk...but I guess they are there...lurking...waiting to attack the unsuspecting person

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Perfect Day for Playing Outside!!

Right after I posted my blog today, and coincidentally, Jackie called and said she wanted to bring Adleigh down so they could visit!! :)  It's soooo nice to have these visits!!  They came down and I fixed everyone GRILLED CHEESE and CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!!  Adleigh had me peel her at least two oranges...then I had to peel Paytie some....lol those babies love those oranges!! :)

We took the kids outside to play for a while since it's suuuuch a beautiful day here today!!  I HAD TO of course take some photos.....

We had to stop in and visit the squash plants, the tomato plants and the beans :)  This is a daily thing, trust me!!

Looking to see if the squash were ready to pick yet!

Payton loooves to push Adleigh around in the old yellow play car.  She is a lucky little girl and has noooo idea :)

Jackie riding Payton's trike down the road...lol this thing is soooo cool...

I think they were all racing here

Payton riding it back the other way :)

Happy Monday

Sooooo today is my first Monday without Adleigh in a little under two years!!  It's been so weird not to have her right by me in everything that I do.  :)  Jackie has decided to take some time off of work now that the she has finished this semester of school and is enjoying spending this free time with baby girl!!  She has two job interviews this week for part time jobs, something that will allow her to spend more time with her family, and still be able to help the family out some with a little income.  We are all grateful that she has that opportunity. 

The last few months we have really been trying to decide where to send Payton to Kindergarten at, or to let him start Kindergarten next year since his birthday falls so close to the cutoff date and he would be one of the youngest in his class.  However, due to his size LOL which is about the size of a 7 yr old....more than likely he will be going this year.  We're not too keen on sending him to our local public school....there's just too much that goes on there.....Because of that, we have really had to research the private schools and find some that offer a good education that are also affordable....and preferably one that has sports too   :)  Then you run into the problem of schools that only go from k-5th grade....I would hate for him to get used to one group of friends and then have to change to another school at that age.  He is supposed to have an "evaluation" this week at one of Tyler's most elite private schools...which is almost kind of scary LOL...we want him to do well and not be silly...but he is 4 after all :)  This particular school offers tuition help as well to almost all their kids who attend....so this is also a HUGE plus....Their curriculum is astounding....and Payton is smart so I am anxiously hoping that he is able to go there!! 

On a really fun note, Payton's birthday is only 8 weeks away, so we are starting to plan his birthday party!!  It should be a lot of fun this year, we will probably be inviting all the kids off of his T Ball team as well as his regular friends :)  He says he wants the camping/BUG party that we showed him online.....what little boy doesn't love the outside and BUGS?? 

This is the party he wants....we plan to do our best to duplicate some and then throw in some of our own touches!!


and while I am on the subject of parties....I have to talk about my new favorite crush....PARTY PRINTABLES....you can find free ones all over the internet and on party blogs!!  They make any occassion just so super cute!!  Here are some that I have come across today...and believe me...I plan on using them alllll :) :)
For Father's Day

For your next summer BBQ....and who doesn't love the Hostess with the Mostess blog....sheesh
and then these...which I love love love!!


Hope everyone enjoys their Monday...open some windows and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful breeze!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cookie Baking Time :)

Our cookie baking "supplies"

 My favorite mixing bowl

He was sooooo excited!!

He just haaaad to cut the bag himself!

Pouring Pouring Pouring

Stirring, Stirring, Stirring

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Picking out the pefect cookie cutters

Cutting, cutting, cutting

Getting ready to bake

and waiting......I sure do love this darling little boy!! <3

and frosting....

putting on sprinkles.....

and eating the sprinkles.....

I made this one!! :)

A flower he decorated for his Momma :)

The little dog he made :)  We made houses, horses, stars, angels, an eagle, flowers...soooo many and everyone sure has enjoyed eating them!!  Have a beautiful weekend friends!!

If you ever wonder what some of my days look like...here is a note on what I did for at least half of yesterday. Payton and I made sugar cookies....it was so much fun and with each cookie he cut out with the cookie cutter he would tell me who it was for!! ;) I don't know if anyone else has the priveledge of having a "literal" child around you all the time....but they are some funny little people. He and I were sitting side by side frosting cookies. He frosted one of his about 2/3 of the way down. I looked at him and told him he needed to frost the bottom. I went back to frosting my cookie and wasn't watching what he was doing. When I looked at him he was FROSTING THE BOTTOM OF HIS COOKIE....after he had already frosted the top...I SAID...PAYTON...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? NOW YOU WILL HAVE TO EAT THAT COOKIE....and he said...MiMi...you TOOOOOOLD ME TO FROST THE BOTTOM OF THE COOKIE!! He had me there...I did tell him to frost the BOTTOM of his cookie :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I know this post is a day late, but this weekend was extra busy for me so I am just now getting around to posting this!!  Hope all of my friends who are moms, stepmoms, grandparents, and moms to furry animals and otherwise had a beautiful day!!  My husband and I went out to dinner Saturday night to celebrate a day early and then we went and played putt putt.  It was a great evening!! :)  My oldest daughter was out of town with her boyfriend and son, at the beach in Galveston on Sunday and Jackie and Cody had plans to go visit his mother and sisters, so this mom just chose a quiet time!!

Payton and Adleigh making their cards

Looking for crayons!!

Payton's Card

Sweet Little Hands

Little Sissy Bug

My Sweet Grandkids

Sweet Girl

Adleigh's Card for her Momma

Payton wrote this all himself...he was soooo proud

This morning Payton told me he wanted to make his mom a Mother's Day Card since he didn't have time to over the weekend.   That boy will just melt your heart :) He is only 4 yrs old and already just sooooo sweet.  I told him I would let him and Adleigh make some this afternoon!! 
We had a great afternoon making cards for my sweet daughters and their sweet momma's!! :)


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