Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peace, Love, and Party 1st Birthday Party

For those of you who know me in person, you know that I LOVEEE to plan parties!  It's fun to get creative to make a special day just that more special!

Since I haven't posted any of Adleigh's 2nd Birthday photos yet, I thought I would at least write a blog and share some of her 1st Birthday photos, in case someone out there needs some inspiration!  Also, please understand, that when we did this party, we just didn't take photos of all of the details, because in our wildest dreams we would have never imagined that we would be sharing our party ideas with so many others!!  We have learned to really start documenting all of the tiniest details now!!  At the bottom of the page are photos that I have found online that represent what we had at this party, and are not my photos, but it should give some idea as to what all we did!!

My daughter Jackie decided that she wanted the theme to be Peace, Love, and Party.  We thought we would go with a hippie, retro kind of look!

This was her cake! 

The invitation "proof"

Miss Adleigh with her "Smash Cake"

One of the party tables, we alternated chair tie colors and table cloths

The Birthday Girl

We had many different types of retro colored things...from balloons to table centerpieces...somehow, I got NOOO pictures of the table centerpieces!  We had silver metal buckets with candy sticks and twirl lollipops!

The punch and Fruit

The place we had her party at gave us the option of ordering our food from there as well, since there would be sooo many adults we went ahead and went with a fruit display, cheese and crackers, and gourmet cookies.  All of those are easily doable yourself as well!!

Some of the kids and the birthday girl :)

These were some of the party favors, and were on every table... they were HIPPIE DUCKS

Everyone got a necklace

and some tattoos

We had pails in the center of every table

They were filled with candy sticks


We also had giant daisies on the back of each chair, but for the life of me I can't find a picture to represent what they looked like!!  We also had TONS of retro wall stuff, which I also can't find any photos of, but you can see some of them in the photos above. 

Now that you have seen her party from last year, stay tuned for the pics from her party this last weekend!  It was soooo cute!!  Here's a sneak peek of the cake!

The cake was from Chez Bazaan Bakery in Tyler, Tx
The tablecloths and chair ties were from
The candy treats and centerpieces were from
Adleigh's outfit & hairbow was from

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