Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unusual Thanksgiving/Holiday Traditions

I have been suffering from a major case of writer's block, or actually extreme "busyness" with my little granddaughter being sick with the flu!  I was having fun searching the web for blogging ideas when I came across this website of blogging prompts!  This one struck me, because of course, wouldn't you know, we have one crazy tradition and one more normal one!!

A few years ago, we were all gathered here at my home for a wonderful Christmas celebration.  I truly enjoy having my whole family here for the holidays!!  We always serve a big meal, open presents, visit, and then sing Christmas Carols!!  We are also very mindful of  "The Reason for the Season"

One particular year I think we sang every Christmas Carol we could think of.  As we sat around in silence for a moment, my stepmother started singing...Ohhhhh say can you seeeee, by the dawns early light....and we all joined in and sang the whole Star Spangled Banner.  Yes, we sang the National Anthem at Christmas.  It has now become a yearly tradition, where we don't feel complete unless we sing the National Anthem.  We have also started singing it at other family gatherings.  We threatened to sing it at my daughter's wedding in November, but somehow in the excitement completely forgot.  I am sure she is grateful for that. :)

It never fails that we have a guest home for the holidays who is wondering WHY we do that....we just laugh and say it's a Dison tradition now!

The other tradition we have, is to have "Christmas Crackers" next to each plate at Christmas Dinner.  They are so much fun!  They are brightly colored foil wrappers filled with tiny little toys etc....you pull both ends and out pops your toy!!  It's a fun way to end dinner!!  There you go, our two traditions :) :)

This is a photo of my daughter Jackie and son in law Cody, Christmas '08 haha wearing the paper hats that came in their "Christmas Cracker" :)

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