Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party ~ Adleigh's 2nd Birthday

Hi Friends!!

I promised I would post a blog about Adleigh's second birthday party, for those of my friends who enjoy being inspired by different party ideas!  I have had a lot of fun the last few weeks with the Circle of  Mom's contest, and am just humbled beyond belief that we have made it up to #84!  We might even pass the 100 mark by tomorrow when the contest ends!  Thank you all so much for your votes!!

My daughter Jackie put this party together this year, since it was for her two year old daughter.  Usually all of our parties are a collaborative effort, but she wanted to take the reins on this one naturally!! :)

She decided to go with the Mad Hatter Tea Party of Alice in Wonderland

The cake, which she designed herself and took to our favorite local bakery.  They are used to us bringing them drawings of cakes we want!!

The cheshire cat and a "tablecloth" over his head, like he was a table

The teapot was made out of rice krispies, covered in fondant.  The roses were all hand painted fondant

It was a four layer cake, two layers had raspberry filling and two layers had chocolate filling

She mixed and matched the plate colors and shapes to give it a lot of variety.  There were four different plate colors and four different "charger" colors and designs and sizes

The placed a sucker next to each place setting, and had ordered specialty stickers that say "eat me" on them and put them on herself

The water bottles with their "drink me" stickers

She ordered the banner off of Etsy.  It had Alice in Wonderland Characters and it said Adleigh is 2.

Singing Happy Birthday to Adleigh

Loving her presents!!

One of the gift bags, sorry for the photo quality.  They were all green with hand written pink and black tags on the outside.  She ordered each little girl a necklace with their initial on it, if I can find a pic on Etsy, I will add and share it.  She also ordered all the kids hand made crayons shaped like teapots. 

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