Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mesquite Championship Rodeo Adventure

Earlier last week I won four tickets to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, in Mesquite, Texas!!  I went quite a few times as a kid since I lived so close to there, and my daughter has been with me once, but my grandson and hubby had never been, so this last Saturday was


Turns out it was the last competition of the season, and the Rodeo Series Champions would be named that night as well!!
We went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, which is by far our favorite place to go out to eat when we are in a big town!!
Payton just likes to go so he can play on their playground!!

My husband thinks it's funny that I want my own salt and pepper shaker set of Corona Bottles!!  He was teasing me and told me to stick these in my purse haha......SOME DAY I WILL HAVE YOU CORONA's hard to get them since we rarely ever drink and never drink beer LOL
I just like them because they remind me of good times we've had!!

We finally got there after having a yummy yummy meal!!

My beautiful daughter and grandson had to stop and snap a photo!!

My grandson just HAD to keep wearing his sunglasses, so this is where they ended up...on the back of his cowboy hat!!

We had great seats, right by the chutes!!  It was right up my grandsons alley, he got to watch all of the cowboys sitting on top of the chutes and getting ready to ride!!

They have a contest for the kids called DASH FOR CASH.  The kids all go out on the arena floor and line up, then they let two calves out with ribbons on their sides...the kids chase after the calves and whichever child pulls the ribbon off wins some cash.  It was the biggest crowd of kids I have ever seen and PURE CHAOS.
Afterwards Payton got mixed up and forgot which entrance onto the arena he came out at and we couldn't find him for a few minutes...that was SCARY...ACK....we all were leaping up and looking for him!! 

This picture is a blur....which is EXACTLY how the kids looked :)

Some people sitting next to us got
Cotton Candy

 so we had to get Payton some too...he was one HAPPY LITTLE BOY!!


We had such a good time watching all of the riders and all of the extra entertainment!

My grandson was kind of sad, he just COULD NOT understand why he couldn't be out there riding around with the rest of them!!
There was a little 11 year old boy riding on one of the "pickup" horses, Payton was so mad that we didn't bring our horse so he could ride too!!  He was sooo mad and it was so sweet and funny to us!!

Afterwards everyone got to come down on the arena floor and talk to all of the Cowboys/Cowgirls who had won the series.  Naturally Payton wanted to talk to the "All Around Cowboy"...Brady Wilson!!  He was such a super nice guy and let Payton hold his championship belt buckle while we took a picture.  He talked about that for most of the ride home!  Thank you Brady!!

If you are ever around Mesquite during Rodeo Season, I suggest you stop in!!  It was so much fun and a great way to spend a weekend evening!!

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