Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

Happy Leap Day 2012!! It has been one REALLY eventful month, this month of February 2012!! I am looking forward to starting to blog again, and I have decided to devote the whole month of March towards Easter, Easter Baking, and Easter Crafts!! Wooohoooo!! Look forward to seeing my friends here with me!!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Godspeed Little Man

God, Take This Child....
by Nancy Scott

Sweet child whom we never really got to know,
It’s hard for us to let you go.
We waited and we wanted you.
We had so many dreams for you.
We think of smiles we'll never see.
We think of events that will never be.
There will be no first steps and no first teeth.
There is only a void and our own grief.
We planned to take you to places far and near.
We yearned to keep you safe and free from fear.
We hoped to show you much of your new world.
We wanted to teach you as your life unfurled.
It’s hard to understand why you, our baby, died.
We feel so numb right now, many tears we’ve cried.
We have so many questions and no answers seem to come.
We tried so hard to save you; nothing could be done.
God, we stand before you broken-hearted
and ask you to heal these lives that must be parted
from this little one we can no longer hold,
who will always be a part of us, even when we're old.)
God, take this child in your loving arms.
No more can he suffer any harm.
Bless him always and bless us too.
Be with us and help us to make it through.

This has to be the hardest blog post ever to write.  It's one that needs to be written, I would feel like I was not recognizing the beautiful little life that blessed our world if I were to not acknowledge to my readers how our lives changed last week. 

Last Friday, February 10th, my beautiful tiny little grandson Jacob was brought into this world, already passed on into our saviors arms.  We held him and loved on him and felt the love well up in our hearts for him.    He truly was beautiful.  He weighed all of 1 lb 2 1/2 oz, and was just absolutely perfect.  My daughter had spent 21 days in the hospital just trying to prevent this outcome.  It's been an emotional rollercoaster, and we laid him to rest this last Thursday alongside other family members who have gone on before. 

There are so many people who have touched our lives in so many ways throughout, and we feel that little Jacob was also able to touch many many lives even though his presence will never be known on this earth. 

Keep us in your prayers as we go about our daily lives, learning how to live with this loss of a precious baby that was so wanted. 

We played this song at his funeral, it's always been my grandsons "Payton's" song.....but it fit for baby Jake <3

Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Minute Friday - REAL - THE GYPSY MAMA

Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.
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We just write without worrying if it’s just write or not.
Won’t you join us?
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Sometimes our REAL changes in an instant.  Our REAL sometimes sneaks up on us when we least expect it.  Sometimes in the middle of a nice leisurely stroll through life the REAL sends an unexpected hurricane to blow you around and to remind you that even through the darkest storms of life our God is there right beside you leading you on through. 

13 days ago my daughter was admitted into the hospital at 20 weeks pregnant when she started leaking a large amount of amniotic fluid.  I brought her 5 year old son home to stay with me and now all of our REALS have temporarily changed.  My daughters REAL will now consist of staying 24/7 in a hospital bed, with the joys of bedpans and hospital food, being away from her son yet spending her time focusing on taking care of herself and her new son on the way and praying and seeing first hand how a large group of praying Christians lifting her up to God can change even the most dire of situations and turn it into a miracle.  Her new REAL is that she may possibly spend the next 10 weeks or more in a small confining hospital room and bed away from her family most days.  They will be either transferring her to Houston or Dallas this coming Monday.  Where she goes will determine how often we can come visit because one is much closer than the other for us.   That is her new REAL.  This new REAL is causing her husband to see the power of our LORD firsthand, and that is a good thing. 

My new REAL is having my grandson back home with me full time.  Consoling him when he cries because he misses his mother so much.  My new REAL is sending up quick silent prayers every day for her and little Jake and falling into bed each night exhausted and smiling because I know my Christian friends are sending up prayers on her behalf when I am too tired to pray a lengthy prayer that I feel like is needed and am feeling like less of a mother.  My new REAL is not at all an unwelcome REAL it's just a realization of how, even though I never take the smoothe times for granted, it's a REAL to teach me how to understand others pain when they are traveling through an unexpected storm in life.   I tell my daughter all the time, there is a reason for this event.  It is showing someone Gods handiwork, teaching them how prayer does change situations, and it may bring someone to know God and to have faith in the unseen. 

I will admit, I miss the comfy coziness of the REAL I had a few weeks ago, but I am at peace that this new REAL is molding me and shaping me along with my family and friends, turning us into the creatures he desires us to be. 



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