Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mesquite Championship Rodeo Adventure

Earlier last week I won four tickets to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, in Mesquite, Texas!!  I went quite a few times as a kid since I lived so close to there, and my daughter has been with me once, but my grandson and hubby had never been, so this last Saturday was


Turns out it was the last competition of the season, and the Rodeo Series Champions would be named that night as well!!
We went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, which is by far our favorite place to go out to eat when we are in a big town!!
Payton just likes to go so he can play on their playground!!

My husband thinks it's funny that I want my own salt and pepper shaker set of Corona Bottles!!  He was teasing me and told me to stick these in my purse haha......SOME DAY I WILL HAVE YOU CORONA's hard to get them since we rarely ever drink and never drink beer LOL
I just like them because they remind me of good times we've had!!

We finally got there after having a yummy yummy meal!!

My beautiful daughter and grandson had to stop and snap a photo!!

My grandson just HAD to keep wearing his sunglasses, so this is where they ended up...on the back of his cowboy hat!!

We had great seats, right by the chutes!!  It was right up my grandsons alley, he got to watch all of the cowboys sitting on top of the chutes and getting ready to ride!!

They have a contest for the kids called DASH FOR CASH.  The kids all go out on the arena floor and line up, then they let two calves out with ribbons on their sides...the kids chase after the calves and whichever child pulls the ribbon off wins some cash.  It was the biggest crowd of kids I have ever seen and PURE CHAOS.
Afterwards Payton got mixed up and forgot which entrance onto the arena he came out at and we couldn't find him for a few minutes...that was SCARY...ACK....we all were leaping up and looking for him!! 

This picture is a blur....which is EXACTLY how the kids looked :)

Some people sitting next to us got
Cotton Candy

 so we had to get Payton some too...he was one HAPPY LITTLE BOY!!


We had such a good time watching all of the riders and all of the extra entertainment!

My grandson was kind of sad, he just COULD NOT understand why he couldn't be out there riding around with the rest of them!!
There was a little 11 year old boy riding on one of the "pickup" horses, Payton was so mad that we didn't bring our horse so he could ride too!!  He was sooo mad and it was so sweet and funny to us!!

Afterwards everyone got to come down on the arena floor and talk to all of the Cowboys/Cowgirls who had won the series.  Naturally Payton wanted to talk to the "All Around Cowboy"...Brady Wilson!!  He was such a super nice guy and let Payton hold his championship belt buckle while we took a picture.  He talked about that for most of the ride home!  Thank you Brady!!

If you are ever around Mesquite during Rodeo Season, I suggest you stop in!!  It was so much fun and a great way to spend a weekend evening!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Preparation List

*Last update as of this morning 8/24/2012  is the watch is most likely to be issued for South Florida and the Florida Keys...y'all need to be on the ball and really preparing as soon as possible.  The possible landfall area extends from South Florida all along the southern gulf coast all the way to Houston right now. 

I wrote this blog last year for folks who were preparing for Hurricane Irene, I thought I would republish it for those of you gettin ready for Isaac!!  I was amazed at how many people came and read it, and some took it lightly that a hurricane was coming, only to find out later that having no electricity for a week, two weeks, or some even a month is noooo fun at all.  Prepare while you can, and I sure hope some things on my list will remind you and help you out with what you need to get done!!

One can't help but stay glued to the Weather Channel watching the current news and forecasts concerning Hurricane Irene. I had to write a short little blog about our experiences here in Texas. We live approximately 180 miles from the Texas Gulf Coast and Galveston. Until you see something like this in person, you just can't fathom what it's like. We live in a town that is along the evacuation route from the coast. We had miles and miles of people driving through our town with everything they own in their cars and gas cans strapped to their roofs. It was a sight that would make you want to cry for them. People would get stranded because they could not find a hotel and they ran out of money paying for gas.

People become angry when they are forced out of their homes, or supplies are not available. Start now, because dealing with the public later is not fun and you will not be able to find what you are searching for.

When Hurricane Ike hit several years ago, it had a huge impact even this far north. We lost electricity for FIVE days and there was SEVERE tree and home damage just 60 miles to our South. We had so many trees down that we could not drive down our road to go into town for about two days. Do not be lulled into thinking that since you are not immediately in the eye wall's path that you will not be affected.

Because this was not our first time to have one come through, we were prepared thankfully!!

Here are a few tips we've learned.


It is sooo much easier to cook at least one meal a day outside on a grill. That being said...STOCK UP ON CHARCOAL OR PROPANE FOR YOUR GAS GRILL NOW!!

Buy pre packaged foods that do not require refrigeration and try and keep those foods which you need to cool at a minimum....AND BUY FREEZER BAGS TO STORE THOSE IN THAT MIGHT GO IN COOLER....soggy food is NO FUN


Plan now on how you want to store some of those things from your fridge and freezer. Buy extra coolers and dry ice if need be.


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS will not be able to just run to the pharmacy if you run out....more than likely they will have no electricity will not be the same for a while


You will want some of these. After a huricane, trust me, it's hot and humid and a fan is AWESOME.

That being said....STOCK UP ON D BATTERIES, they sell out FAST....they are a hot commodity after a hurricane and you will not be able to purchase them if you wait until the day of the Hurricane or the day before....

If you can, buy one of the battery operated radio/cell phone charger./flashlight/ me....these things come in handy when you have no way of hearing what's going on in the outside world.

Fill your cars up with gas, if people start evacuating, you need to be able to travel as far as you can. GAS WILL BE IN SHORT SUPPLY AFTER A HURRICANE.


Along those lines as well, the ATM'S and Banks will not be open and or work.  Get extra cash out now.  You may be able to buy gas with cash and not be able to swipe your debit/credit card etc...better to be safe than sorry.


The things you are used to now will not be back to normal for several weeks or maybe months.


I want to also say, if you live in a home that is surrounded by large trees, please use caution if you are within 130 miles or so of this hurricane. Tree tops can snap and fall on your home and injure you and your loved ones. If I can forewarn anyone then I will feel like I've done my job.


Below is a Hurricane Supply List from NOAA

Check boxWater - at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days
Check boxFood - at least enough for 3 to 7 days— non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices— foods for infants or the elderly— snack foods— non-electric can opener— cooking tools / fuel— paper plates / plastic utensils
Check boxBlankets / Pillows, etc.
Check boxClothing - seasonal / rain gear/ sturdy shoes
Check boxFirst Aid Kit / Medicines / Prescription Drugs
Check boxSpecial Items - for babies and the elderly
Check boxToiletries / Hygiene items / Moisture wipes
Check boxFlashlight / Batteries
Check boxRadio - Battery operated and NOAA weather radio
Check boxTelephones - Fully charged cell phone with extra battery and a traditional (not cordless) telephone set
Check boxCash (with some small bills) and Credit Cards - Banks and ATMs may not be available for extended periods
Check boxKeys
Check boxToys, Books and Games
Check boxImportant documents - in a waterproof container or watertight resealable plastic bag— insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security card, etc.
Check boxTools - keep a set with you during the storm
Check boxVehicle fuel tanks filled
Check boxPet care items— proper identification / immunization records / medications— ample supply of food and water— a carrier or cage
— muzzle and leash


Wishing you all the very best and STAY SAFE!!

National Cupcake Day...go ahead and CELEBRATE

Cupcake Clip Art

I don't know that very many people knew this, but Monday, August 20 was


If you know me at all, you know we had to



It was Payton's first day of First Grade, and I was babysitting little Adleigh, so when he got home from school we made cupcakes to celebrate the day!!

We used plain white cake mix and put it into about five different bowls so that the kids could add gel food coloring to make the colors they wanted.

This went pretty well actually until Payton actually put a few too many drops of different colors into his beautiful orange and it turned brown.  You have never seen such a pitiful look come across a childs face.  :(
Thankfully MiMi was able to save the day by reminding him that you can always make something good out of what you think is going to be a disaster....we took another bowl and turned it green and made


Now just getting the batter in the cupcake wrappers and "swirled" nearly turned into a brawl because both of the kiddos wanted to be the "swirlers" of the batter.....

We ended up with pink cupcakes, purple cupcakes, green cupcakes, and the camo!!  We had three different flavors of frosting, Strawberry Shortcake, White Chocolate Raspberry, and VANILLA.

We all had a great time and boy did we ever have a good time sampling our hard work!!  If you didn't get to celebrate Monday, go buy a cupcake today and just go ahead and celebrate!!  You have my permission LOL :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We're Going to the State Fair of Texas

Big Tex

Every year as a teenager I would always look forward to the fall, it meant one big thing...THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS!!  It' such a fun place to go, so many things to see and do.  I remember one year I even went and met my then "boyfriend" there when he came up with his FFA Chapter to spend the day at the fair.   That same young fellow later became my husband and we have been married this week for 26 years!!  :) 
State Fairs are pretty romantic !!
I thought now that the grandbabies are old enough, we would try and make it a family event this year to attend the State Fair of Texas together. 
It begins on September 28th and ends on October 21st!!
My daughter and I were reading their webpage yesterday and came across "some" of the food items that will be offered at the fair this year.  She told me we would have to bring $200 just for food because it all sounds so good!! 
I had to share their "tempting" food offerings with my a preview.....

The complete info and food list can be found on their website!!


New Foods & First Time Vendors


Deep Fried Biscuits and Gravy: Breakfast of champions! A flaky biscuit filled with gravy is dipped in a light batter and deep fried. Belgian Waffle stand on Grand Ave.
Texas Steak Cone: A giant flour tortilla cone is stuffed with mixed beans, juicy steak, chicken, pico, shredded cheese, and sour cream. Squeeze on some lime juice and add red, white or green sauce to complete this tasty medley. Ole! Benz Foods on Cotton Bowl Plaza.  (THIS SOUNDS SOOO GOOD TO ME...I AM DEFINITELY TRYING ONE)
Heavenly Deep Fried Brownie: A bite-sized brownie battered and deep fried to perfection! Dusted with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and served with chocolate-cherry syrup ambrosia. Tower Building and on Grand Avenue at the Ranchero Fajitas stand.
Fried Naked Tamales: New twist on a Mexican food favorite! Fresh tamales are dipped in an egg wash and rolled in masa harina para tamales. Deep fried and delicious! Ruth’s Tamales on Cotton Bowl Plaza and MLK Blvd. across from the Coliseum.
Deep Fried Southern Hospitality: An intriguing combination of seasoned pork, fresh collard greens, and hot water cornbread. Shaped in a cone and deep fried to perfection. Served on a stick. Ruth’s Tamales on Cotton Bowl Plaza and MLK Blvd. across from the Coliseum.
Double Fried Chicken Breast Taco: Gently hand-breaded home-style chicken breast wrapped and refried in a flour tortilla. Served hot with your choice of cream gravy or jalapeno ranch dressing. Viva el taco! Grand Place Building and on MLK Blvd. beside the Texas Star.
Praline Sweet Potato Poppers: Sweet potatoes are mashed and blended with a mixture of butter, brown sugar, brandy, orange zest, chopped pecans, ginger, and marshmallows. Dipped in sweet batter. Fried and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Cotton Bowl Plaza at the Pizza and Nacho stand. (I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE THESE AT HOME...SOUNDS SCRUMPTIOUS)
Fernie’s Deep Fried Whole Lotta Chocolatta: Fernie’s special recipe consisting of two slices of Italian bread stuffed with dark chocolate, dipped in egg wash, coated with crunchy bread crumbs, and deep fried. Served with a side of Russet potato chips, sprinkled with sea salt AND drizzled with a hard white and milk chocolate shell. Perfected with a dollop of milk chocolate whipped cream. (If 21, served with a glass of chocolate wine.) The Dock inside the Embarcadero Building on Admiral Nimitz Cir.
Fried Pecan Caramel Candy: A one of a kind confection consisting of flattened caramel candy squares deliciously dipped in pecan chocolate batter and deep fried. This trio of flavors is topped off with a buttery caramel sauce. Barrera’s on Fun Way in front of Lost Children’s Shelter.
CRISPIES located on the Midway at the intersection of MLK and Midway
Deep Fried Chicken Skin – Why bother with all of that meat? The skin has been separated from the chicken to deliver the best part of fried chicken in every mouthful. Available in MILD or HOT & SPICY. This tasty treat is lightly seasoned, battered, and then deep fried until crisp. (I LOVE CHICKEN SKIN LOL...ADMIT IT....MOST OF Y'ALL DO TOO...)
Deep Fried Cake Balls – A bite size morsel of moist crumbled cake blend with rich, chocolate or vanilla frosting. Dipped in a homemade batter and fried to a golden brown perfection, topped with a dollop of whipped cream powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Fried Loaded Mashed Potato – Twist on a Southern Classic. A Texas version of the loaded mashed potatoes in one crunchy bite! All the fixin’s are added to mashed potatoes-bacon, cheese, green onions, sour cream and butter. Rolled to perfection, then dipped in batter and deep fried. Served drizzled with brown gravy!
CASSIE’S FROZEN YOGURT located at the intersection of Pike and Fun Way on Fun Way St.
Frozen Yogurt – Frozen yogurt that will vary in flavor weekly (Red Velvet Cake, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter Cup, and Old Classics).

French Dog – A grilled, all beef hot dog inserted into one half of a crispy French baguette. Condiments may be added before the dog is placed in the bread. This original doggy also comes deep fried.
COWBOY’S STYLE PHILLYS is located in the Food Court inside the Tower Building
Sirloin steak or seasoned chicken, sautéed with bell pepper, red onions, mushrooms, and cheese and served on a fresh soft, French roll.
Cowboy Style Philly sandwiches come in many different flavors: lemon, pepper, blue cheese crumble, zesty BBQ, hot-hot-hot!. Served with a side of fresh, seasoned waffle fries.
BRAIN FREEZE is located on Fun Way in front of the Lost Children’s Shelter
Self-serve frozen slushies in a bevy of flavors to chill your body and your mind, hence the name, Brain Freeze. Half priced refills on all cups to keep your mind in a total freeze. Also serving fresh brewed sweetened and unsweetened iced tea to tickle the fancy of true Southerners!
ISLAND SPOT is located on First Ave. on the lawn of the Magnolia Lounge across from the Old Mill Inn.
A taste of Jamaica with chicken leg quarters, beef patties, Sausages on a Bun and tofu. All are marinated in jerk seasonings and smoked on a grill to Jamaican jerk perfection! These island treats would not be complete without fried bread pudding!
THE ORIGINAL BERRIE KABOB is located in the Food Court inside the Tower Building
Fresh strawberries and bananas on a kabob drizzled with Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate. These beautiful kabobs are almost too pretty to eat! We also serve frozen cheesecake on a stick drizzled in Milk Chocolate.  (MMMM YUM SOUNDS GOOD)
CHIP’S OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS is located on Pike Street inside the Kids Way Area
A concession location that caters to our pint size visitors with a Kid Menu featuring kid size helpings of chicken tenders or steak fingers w/cream gravy, burgers and cheeseburgers, mini corny dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and hot dogs. All are served with French fries and a juice box or small soda. Also featured the adult size of burgers and beverages.
WILLIAMS CHICKEN TENDERS is located in Cotton Bowl Plaza
Fresh Chicken Tenderloins are marinated for more than 21 hours in a specially blended marinade. Dipped in flour and deep fried to golden, crunchy perfection outside and juicy tenderness inside. Served with fries and your choice of dipping sauces.
So these are just a few of the yummy items offered in the "food" category of the many other neat things to do and see....I'm sure I will be sharing more!! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Homesteading Monday

I thought I should devote a whole day to

COUNTRY LIFE!!  I am linking up with the

Monday Barn Hop!!

Come on over and join us!!

My grandson decided a few months ago that he wanted to have some chickens.   :)  His mother had raised chickens during high school, so we are no stranger to what chicken raising entails!!

He and my husband went out and worked on building a neat little chicken pen in what used to be our "round pen".  There were some local folks that had some hens and a rooster for sale so we went and picked them up once the pen was built.  We now have six hens and one rooster. 

It was so funny once we got them home and settled, my grandson would ask..."why isn't the rooster crowing??" and when we didn't have an answer he came up with his own...he said it was because "our place does not look like a farm...there are no cows, and there aren't any sheep and he just doesn't know he's supposed to crow"...then he insisted that we need to buy all of the above to motivate that poor little rooster.  THANKFULLY the rooster has now started's a poor pitiful crow if I've ever heard one....but he crows.  :)  He was also overheard standing in the chicken coop lecturing the hens on why weren't they all laying was HILARIOUS!!

My grandson INSISTS that his hens should walk up and down this board to get to their roost.  We are in progress of putting in individual nesting boxes, but for now they just like to get up there and lay their eggs and roost at night.....

Since purchasing the hens, five of them have started laying eggs. (the lecture must have worked)  This will mean 35 eggs a week.  I hope our friends and family are ready for all of the free eggs they could ever want!!   They are beautiful eggs, some are a dark brown and some are a very light tan color and now one has started laying those beautiful green eggs!!  I still have to work on the "ewwww" factor, because while I love eggs, it's just a little different when you pick one up and it's still warm...eeeeee....I just try to forget about it haha and wash them and put them up in the fridge.  One of our hens is even laying double yolk eggs!!  Chickens are just fun!!

Every single one of those chickens is a pet to my grandson.  He likes to go in there and catch them one at a time, take them out and set them on his lap and talk to them and pet them.  It has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen :)  Those chickens have no idea how lucky they are!! 

  Hope you enjoy your "mini visit" into our little corner of the world!!


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