Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flaming Taco Shells

I think it's only appropriate that I start my blogging journey with the story about why I chose to name my blog site, FLAMINGTACOSHELLS.....there is a story behind that!!

My husband used to be a ranch manager.  We had several ranch hands that worked for us.  I chose to cook the noon meal for these guys, and they would always show up dirty and hungry and sitting in my living room waiting to eat.  We always had lots of fun cutting up and laughing together every day. 

On the day of this story, I chose to cook them some tacos.  I don't know about everyone else, but I can't stand to just use the taco shells straight out of the package.  I always take them out and stick them in the oven to get them crispy again.  On this day, I took them out, put them on a cookie sheet, and put them in the oven on broil.  I was always really good about checking them every few seconds to make sure they were ok. 

However, on this particular day, I FORGOT!!  When I looked in at them, they were flaming.  I grabbed my oven mitt and snatched them out of the oven.  I thought to myself, I will dump them in the kitchen sink.  As I tilted them towards the sink, the flames shot up and for some reason I was afraid that I would catch my wallpaper on fire. 

I turned and proceeded towards the front door walking really quickly through the living room, past all the seated cowboys watching in amusement, towards the door.  As I got to the middle of the living room, carrying my cookie sheet of flaming taco shells, the flames shot towards me.  I tilted the cookie sheet away from me, and THE TACO SHELLS FELL OFF IN TO THE MIDDLE OF MY LIVING ROOM FLOOR!! 

At this point, my living room carpet caught on fire.  Seriously.  The guys jumped up and luckily of course they were all wearing boots and stomped out the fire.  I do believe I am probably the only person ever to have caught their living room carpet on fire with flaming taco shells.  :o)

I have no idea what  they ended up eating that day, but I can guarantee it wasn't tacos!!


  1. Oh lord have mercy that was a great read...thanks for the laugh hahahaha

  2. lol...this is a great read no matter how many times you see it! lol

  3. Thank you Lisa!! You have always been such an inspiration to my writing and in my life!! :o)

  4. aw, thank you my dear sweet friend :o) hugs

  5. Very funny!!! Wonder if flaming tacos are anything like burning pizza paddles? LOL

  6. hahaha I don't know and I am praying that I don't find out anytime soon....hahahaha but I do remember when you did that!!



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