Monday, January 24, 2011


Just for the sake of saying it, this story occurred about 4 years ago!!

My daughter Jackie and I loooove to go shopping.  It's no big stretch of the imagination to think that we were out shopping the day before Jessica's birthday.  We were at the mall in Tyler, and we were doing what we do best!!  We went in and out of so many stores just window shopping and occassionally buying something we like!

We went into one of our favorite stores, Kirklands.  It's really hard to not buy something every time we go in there!!  There in one of the display barrels were some throw pillows with cute little sayings on them.  The moment I saw one in particular, I knew I had to get it for Jessica as an additional birthday present. When we got home, I also wrote this saying allllll across the envelope to her birthday card!!    I am not telling you what it said until the end of the story :)

The day proceeded as normal, and the next day when Jessica got up she said "Mom, I had the craziest dream last night!!"

She said "I was in a store, like Gander Mountain, and I asked to look at their guns".  "She said we looked at the ammo, and I held a bunch of guns, and then I started shooting stuff off the walls!!"  "I was like a wild woman, and nobody minded that I was doing that"  She said, it was sooooo crazy I can't believe I would do something like that in a dream.  Must have been really mad!!

I started laughing hysterically and had to give her the extra birthday present early!! 

The pillow I got her says "May All Your Dreams Come True"

I still laugh every time I see that pillow in her room!!


  1. Very funny!!! You did a great job with the graphics on your page too. Pretty!

  2. haha...too funny! I talk in my sleep and have always said,"I am not responsible for anything coming out of my mouth with my eyes closed!" lol

  3. LOLOL I also talk in my sleep and so do my kids and Payton. I think that is the best way to put it....we are soooo totally not responsible for what we say while asleep!!



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