Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pig Story #2

After a year hiatus from blogging, I am back because I just have to share another PIG STORY. 
It all happened on the way home from my grandsons basketball practice the other night. 
We live wayyyyy out in the country and our trip back and forth from practice involves driving down a blacktop road and a dirt road.
On this particular night I didn't stay for his practice and his mom stayed at his practice and I came home. 
I was driving along down the blacktop, minding my own business, when all of the sudden I say the CUTEST little puppy running down the side of the road.  It looked like a little Chihuahua. 
There was nobody else on the road so I stopped my Jeep and got out and clapped my hands and whistled and called "here puppy puppy puppy"
I didn't see where it went and so I walked down the road a little bit and heard this huge rustle in the weeds on the other side of the road and really wondered if something was going to jump out and eat me.
I got back in my Jeep and backed up and got out again and called "here puppy puppy puppy", and still didn't see it.
I drove really slow with the window down and looked for it and then gave up and went home.
I told my grandson and daughter about it and that if I had found it , I would have picked it up and brought it home.
I didn't think another thing about it, until the next day.
Bringing my grandson home from school.
I showed him where I saw the puppy.
He said
"MiMi, REALLY?!?!"
"Do you see those rut spots on both sides of the road
MIMI , he said
No wonder it didn't come to me when I called it.
I have a feeling the loud rustling was the momma pig wondering why I was standing in the road clapping my hands and looking for a


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