Monday, August 8, 2011

Cute Back to School Ideas :)

I have come across some of the CUTEST "Back To School Ideas" this year!! 

Thought I would share a few links below!! 

I know when the little ones are starting their Big Journeys going to school...taking a picture on the first day of school is a MUST!!

These are FREE printable signs that you can download, print out and have your child hold it while you take his/her photo....I have already downloaded mine!!  The link is below!! 

Another cute idea I have seen is to buy a small chalkboard and write what grade they will be in for that year!!  I LOVE this idea!! 

I have also seen some cute "First Day of School Traditions" ideas that I just absolutely ADORE!!  

One we are most definitely doing is the "Countdown to the First Day of School".  Get a Mason Jar, Fill it with corresponding number of M&M's to how many days are left until school starts.  They can take one out each day until the first day of school.  My 5 year old grandson will love this....:) :)

or fill lunch sacks with little prizes and have the bags numbered with how many days until school starts....super cute idea as well

Or Celebrate with a Back To School Pancake Breakfast

Give your child a pancake with the Grade number on the pancake and the corresponding number of pancakes to eat...2nd grade = 2 pancakes...haha one can't help but wonder though how many a kindergartner would get?!?!

Making them a cake for their first day of school with the corresponding grade number on top is an idea

If you've ever read any of my other blogs you know how much this family looooves CAKES!! 

I am quite sure we will be making Payton a little cake for his first day of Kindergarten.  His mom and I had a big discussion yesterday about this cake and whether he should be allowed to have it "before" school or "after" school.  She thought it would just be wrong to send him on his first day of Kindergarten full of sugar!!
MiMi on the other hand thinks

These are all nof my inspirations for this year for photos and traditions!! 

Please post and let me know if you use any of them!!  Love to see Happy Kids and Families!!  :)

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