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What to put in a preschoolers lunchbox!!

I've had so many people google "kids lunch ideas" that I just have to blog about a few lunch ideas for toddlers/kindergartners!! 

My grandson started preschool when he was three.  He went five days a week, and we were required to send his lunch every day!!  I remember quite well "googling" lunch ideas, and truthfully, there aren't a lot out there. 

I know for his actual main "dish"....I would send some of these

Mini Corn Dogs ~ cooked that morning and then wrapped in tin foil...they stayed warm until lunch time
I usually buy the State Fair brand...and the box comes with about 40 and he would eat about five or six per it lasts for a little while
KC's Primo Pepperoni Double Stuffed Crust Pizza by Kid Cuisine
Pizza slices ~ I would buy the $2.50 kids cuisine frozen lunches, cook the pizzas, wrap them in foil and send them...HE LOVED THOSE...they are the perfect size for a 2 ~ maybe 4 year old
If you get the one with the brownie you can send it along as well!!
There have been times where we sent a bag of sliced cheese, sliced ham, and some crackers so he could make his own little lunchables :)  Lunchables aren't that expensive to buy really....but it's still way cheaper to just make your own!!
I believe there was a time or two I made him a grilled cheese sandwich and let it cool and then wrapped it up in of his favorite sandwiches (I've been told I make the best grilled cheese this side of the's not that complicated but I will share the recipe at the bottom of this blog)

For the "extras" to go along with his meals we always sent a veggie or fruit of some kind
Mini Carrot sticks with Ranch
Celery with Peanut Butter

Dried Mixed Fruit

Go Gurts

Mandarin Orange Cups
The only drawback to these is there is a LOT of juice in them

We would often buy the box assortment of these....


He loved these!!  They are kind of hard to find, and I would find them in the veggie section.....there are grapes, cheese and crackers in them!!

The big problem we ran into was having a way him to bring ketchup or ranch...I found these containers the other day at and intend on buying a few....
Yay, a way to pack a snack or lunch with a dip

As far as drinks go, we would always pack two for him, he is a bigger boy and seems to stay a little thirstier than his little friends.  You can send anything from water,milk,  capri suns, juices, or tea.  It is generally frowned upon to send any sort of soft drink :)

Tomorrow I will post what I find that is new and cool for lunches!!  We all need some new motivation....but these old standbys are also fantastic too!!

Something I have found for this year is


and along with these I have found BENTO BOILED EGG SHAPERS....Payton loves boiled eggs and I know he would love some shaped like animals

Here is how I make my award winning grilled cheese sandwiches!!

Here is what you need

Sliced  cheese (I use Kraft, and 2 slices per sandwich
Small frying pan

Butter one side of your bread
Drop about two teaspoons of margarine into your frying pan and turn to medium high
When it starts sizzling a little drop your bread, butter side down into the pan
Place cheese slices on bread
Place other piece of bread, butter side UP onto the other bread and cheese
Mash it down with a spatula
Let it sit for about a minute and a half and then flip
keep flipping it and mashing it about every other minute or so until it turns golden brown


For other ideas such as first day photos or traditions please visit my link

Cute back to school ideas


Over the last few days I have come across TONS of links for great ideas for lunches....I will share a few below!!

Happy Lunching!! :)
Imitation Chick Fil A Chicken Nuggets


Nine Lunch Box Themes

grapes bean burittos

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