Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary :) :)


I can hardly believe I am saying this, but my husband and I have finallly made it to the BIG 25!! 

The years seem to have flown by now!!  We have seen so many things happen over the last twenty five years!! 

The births of our two daughters

First days of School and then it seemed it went right to High School Graduations

The sorrow of losing my last three living grandparents and both of my parents

The fussing and fighting and squabbles that come along after you've been married for about seven years

and the eventual figuring out how to be individual people and how to be a married couple and

how to truly


Our two beautiful daughters and son in law threw us a

on Sunday
at Jackie and Cody's house

We are


This is what we saw when we drove up to their house....all of the kids were standing outside Jackie and Cody's house and waving at us...makes me tear up just remembering it!!

They bought 25 balloons and tied photos from our last 25 y ears onto them with messages!!  So Sweet!! 
(What's funny to me is Jackie said...Mom..you pinned this idea on "pinterest" a few weeks ago that it would be cute to do for an anniversary....just when you think your kids aren't paying attention to what you do)

One of the beautiful flower arrangements

Our Cake

They had secretly invited friends and family so we were able to celebrate our day with so many of our loved ones and special friends!! 

It was truly a precious day and one we will always treasure!!

My husband and I
We met when I was 13 and he was 14...
hard to believe 33 years have gone by already!!

My Family

Cody (my son in law)  my daughter Jackie and Us

My brother and I

Brother and Hubby

Jackie and Lynsey

 Snuggling wiht my favorite granddaughter

Some of the guests

My brother in law and hubby

While everyone was singing "Happy Anniversary" to us!!

Opening our "Present" from the kids

The Ring the kids got me

Long Time Friends

Sweet neighbors and friends

Sarah and I....I love her, she's been friends with Jessica since they were in the 4th grade....wow..how time flies!!

Our sweet friends Lynsey and David <3 them...they are most definitely some of my "adopted kids"

Us with Taylor and Santos my other adopted kids whom I love so much

My uncle, us, and my stepmother

 The whole Dison Family

To hear how much the girls had to plot and plan and secretly message people on Facebook and email each other back and forth and then NOT tell me about all of their adventures with the cake lady, or the photo guy is hilarious!!  I am so lucky and blessed to have them as daughters!!

I found this poem and it made me think of my girls and how Cody was joking and laughing about how even if the family were going to get snocones I would be chasing after everyone taking pictures and saying "smile" it's family sno cone day!!
I <3 my family with all of my heart

My Surprise Gift

Submitted by: pattiekake
Author: Pattie Castillo
It didn't come trimmed with ribbon or topped off with a bow,
I didn't find it wrapped in pretty paper, under the tree or mistletoe.
It wasn't something we planned to purchase, it didn't cost one cent.
It wasn't something I new I wanted or asked for as a present.
It didn't even realize it was something I would need,
I had long forgotten about Santa, until I saw it and had to believe.
It came on a whim, as we were trimming the tree for the season,
It came just in time, and for all the right reasons.
This picture of us, a daughter and her mom,
Smiling into the camera and having a good time.
It filled me with happiness, joy and glee,
To see you there smiling so sweetly with me.
It made my heart sputter and skip a beat,
To hold you in my arms seems quite a treat.
It seems like the last time was so long ago,
Because, Oh My, how ever so quickly you grow.
It reminded me I need to take time each year,
To capture you smiling with me from ear to ear.

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