Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Funny Monday!!

It seems like with so much craziness going on in the world, everyone is searching for something a little bit funny to take their minds off it all.  I have to share this story, even though it makes me sound like a crazy little old lady!!

Lately I've been gathering up the Sunday papers and clipping coupons.  It takes a while, and sometimes I come across products that I have NO IDEA what they are.  

That happened the other day.  

This is what the coupon looked like....except quite a bit smaller.  


For some reason, known only to my crazy self, I thought it looked like a coupon for condoms.  

I did not have my reading glasses on and all I could see was the
UP 2 U
part of it!!

I jokingly told my 24 year old daughter that I didn't think we needed a "condom coupon"...and she started laughing so hard she could barely breathe when she saw it...and she said MOM......THAT IS A COUPON FOR

Now every time we go to the store she asks me if I want any of that  "gum" and we start laughing hysterically..... :::sigh:::

Hope you have a great Monday and remember to laugh at yourself once in a while :)

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