Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Great White Shark

My husband had some "honey do" work to get done yesterday, and while he was outside, Payton found some boards.

Apparently he had a lot of time on his hands while his Papa was working because he found these boards, and some glue, and apparently an empty applesauce container and had a field day.  I am so proud of him.  He is only 5 and already filled with such creativity!!

He ran to show it to us when we got home, he was so proud of his "project".  He told us it was


I can somewhat see the resemblence!!  :) :)

This morning as we were discussing his "great white shark" I asked him if he wanted to paint it.

We are not a "NORMAL" family lol as far as "crafting" goes.  As the girls were growing up it seems like there was always a school project or craft project being done.  I have acquired more craft supplies than I can shake a stick at!!

We have soooooo much paint!!

The "Great White" before Paint....

I REALLY thought that since he said it was the "Great White" he would want to paint it white....but nooooooo I am not five....and so it is now painted a multitude of colors!! 

Painting in his PJ's.....That is the "second" round of paper underneath it....when no one was looking he squirted about half a bottle of blue paint on the "first paper" that was underneath it!!

The hands weren't covered in too much paint....UNLIKE HIS SHIRT AND HIS TUMMY AFTER THE SHIRT CAME OFF!! 

The "Almost Finished' project!!  He insists that it still needs more paint "somewhere else"!! 

I will always be thankful that my children and grandchildren now have had and will have the opportunity to color, draw, paint and create to the hearts content.  My dining room table still has a few glue spots left on it, one or two small paint spots, and some gold glitter paint from a life sized doll we turned into a mummy via paper mache and that fabled gold glitter paint.  My daughter Jackie received an A on that project!!

My favorite quote I've found recently states this

You can actually buy this poster on ETSY at

Hope everyone is having a beautiful blessed artsy Sunday......go get your hands dirty with some paint and will thank me later!!  :) :)

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