Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Pig Story

I for some reason had the bright idea that the girls needed a piglet.  Don't ask me why, I have no idea to this day.  We lived here on our 7 acres at the time, I may have possibly thought it would be a great addition to our little menagerie!

The girls were about 7 and 9 at the time.  I told them we were going to the pig sale to pick out a piglet.  Livestock sales were nothing new for us, we had been to many cattle sales and understood how the whole process worked.  You go to the desk and get a bidder number, go into the livestock sale arena stands, and when an animal comes through that you are interested in, you raise your number and bid on the animal. 

We got there, got our number, and sat down to watch.  There were lots of pigs coming through, and we were waiting until they started selling baby piglets.  I should also say at this time, I knew NOTHING about pigs.  I had been in FFA in high school, and raised steers, and my husband had been a Ranch Manger on several large ranches, but we had never ever had pigs. 

Finally, the cutest little piglet that you have ever seen came running through. I waved my hand in the air and amazingly was the highest bidder.  I think I bid $25 for the little piglet.

I also, for some really silly reason, thought that since it was a piglet it would be small enough for the girls to hold on the way home.

I drove my car, with the girls in the backseat around to the "livestock loading area" to pick up our piglet. 

The guys just stared at me.  I'm sure they were want' to put a pig in your car?  Are you crazy??

They put the piglet in the floor for me and we drove away.  The piglet was a lot bigger in person than what it looked like from sitting up in the stands.

The piglet DID NOT like being in the car.

The piglet commenced to running all over the backseat and across the girls feet and on their laps and they started screaming.  It was so funny.  Ok, it was funny to me.  :o)

I ended up having to drive BACK to the livestock sale and BACK to the loading area and telling them to just take the pig and put it back in the sale because I did not want it.

I never even went and picked up my money back....Turns out this was a wild piglet...not a domesticated piglet....I didn't know the difference. 

Ohhhh the things I have put my children though in their lifetimes!! 

They each ended up raising pigs for 4H projects later and we had lots of piglets to play with!! 


  1. haha...I can just see this happening! too funny! glad you all eventually got to have a piglet or two or ten.... hugs :o)

  2. I called my husband and he laughed and laughed....I was really picturing those little piglets to be ohhhh I don't know PUPPY SIZED or was much more like 25 lb sized!!



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