Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Funeral Mixup

Ohhhhh the funny things that have happened to me!

Several years ago I got the devastating news that one of my Aunt's had passed away.  I just loved her, and she had been such a fixture in our family, always hosting family Thanksgiving celebrations and was just always so sweet to my children.

Her funeral was going to be held in a town that is just about 50 mile from where we live.

The girls and I left and headed that direction on the day of the funeral.  We got to the funeral home, and there were lots and lots of cars in the parking lot.  We parked, got out and walked in.  There were lots and lots of people milling around, none of whom I really recognized, but that didn't phase me any, we always have tons of extended family.

I asked around to where Ruthie's family was, and they pointed me to a tiny room where her body was available for "viewing".  I walked in, and there were three little old ladies sitting in chairs, a casket which I didn't look at, and a guest book up against the wall.  I walked over to the guest book and started to sign my name.  I spoke with the ladies and said...I am Carol Dison, I am Selma Cate's granddaughter.  They just stared at me.  I kept talking, and my girls started saying, MOM, MOM....and of course I was thinking they were being INCREDIBLY rude for interrupting me and I kept shushing them...and they kept pulling one me saying MOM...MOM!!!!  I kept speaking to the little old ladies telling them who else I was related to hoping that they would show some glimmer of recognition that I knew Ruthie. 

They kept staring at me.

I finally just decided to go back out of the room and I turned around and the girls said MOM again, and they pointed at the casket and it was only then that I realized I WAS IN THE WRONG ROOM!! 

The person in the casket WAS NOT my Aunt Ruthie!!  It was a very momentarily awkward situation and I just walked out of the room with what dignity I had left and once I got out I started laughing. 

It turns out that there were not one, but TWO RUTHIES having funerals there that day.  So when I asked where Ruthie was, that particular group of people did point me in the right direction.....just the wrong Ruthie!!

The girls and I eventually found the other rooms on the other side of the funeral home.  I couldn't help but giggle all through my poor Aunt Ruthies funeral.  I know she was looking down and laughing too!! 

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