Thursday, February 17, 2011

Falling Down

This is a repost "sort of" of a blog I wrote several years ago......I just happened to think of it while we were in Waco this last you have ever "fallen down" this is for you!!

I just have to retell all the stories of the times I have "fallen" a literal way.....they still make me laugh today.......and so this is for all of us who weren't born with coordination.....

I will start with the time my dad took me shopping for tennis shoes. I was in high school, and I was soooo excited!! We went to this brand new shoe store, and it was just he and I. I was really enjoying the father/daughter time we were spending together. We walked around in the store and I picked up about 15 pairs and finally found a pair that I wanted to try on.

My dad and I went and sat down on one of those little benches, and I put a shoe on one foot, and then I put on the other, and then I stood up. I started walking and it NEVER occurred to me that the shoes were attached to one another via the little stringy thing and so therefore after about three steps my feet got tangled up and I fell down face first right in the middle of the store flat on the ground. I am pretty sure my dad had never been more embarassed by his daughter!! I laugh every time I think about that.

Billy wants me to add the time he and I were washing his mothers truck when we were teenagers to this story!! We washed her whole pickup and we were both standing in the bed of the truck. He jumped out, and I thought I would jump out too. I stood on the fender well and jumped, and slipped and fell head first right into their gravel driveway. I saw stars and black for about 30 minutes!! Hahahaha that might explain a lot about why I am the way I am today......( give you a timeline of how long Billy and I have known each other....he said I was about 13 when this happened and he was 14) we are 44 and 45!!

And then when I went to the local community college in Richardson I had a major "falling" event. One of the classrooms had "levels" in it....each level had a row of desks, and then it would go up another level, and another row of desks etc. These were the old timey kind, the kind you slid in and sat by yourself!! i was sitting there one day minding my own business and my pen rolled off the end of my desk and I tried to catch it and flipped me and the whole desk off onto the lower level. It was before class started haha so there were no injuries to anyone sitting below me......::sigh::

And then, there is the time that a boy Jessica was dating came over to the house for the first time. She was about 17 and he was going to take her out to eat. So they were walking out to his truck, and going down the steps of our porch. I walked out behind them.....and I'll be darned if they hadn't made it out to the yard and I tripped and "front rolled" down the steps and out into the yard right behind them.....hahaha I'm sure he thought I had been drinking.....

haha and to finish up the story....a few months ago I was walking through the house in the dark and ran into the vacuum and tripped and rolled and bumped down the hallway until I hit the recliner in the living room...(which is at the beginning of the hallway)hahaha so now every night Jessica checks to make sure there are no obstacles in case her momma might want to get up and wander around in the dark :o)

ahhhhhh so there is no real moral to this story except that we all fall down sometimes.......some of us fall harder than others!! But we just get up and dust ourselves off again!!


  1. lol...I must say I've fallen a lot of times too but the most recent? lol Are ya ready for this? I've fallen for these blogs! :o)



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