Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Massage

Tomorrow, I am scheduled to get a massage at a spa.  It sounds so awesome :)  Here is the description:

Lemon Balm Pick-Me-Up -
This uplifting massage energizes and cools the senses, promotes circulation, and restores a depleted, exhausted system. Lemon balm is a powerful remedy for those who are over-extended, anxious or unable to sleep due to prolonged periods of mental or emotional “selflessness.” This energetic massage is not only great for a “pick-me-up” but for those dealing with high stress.

Haha, now here is where the problem comes in.  That's kind of scary to me.  I've never had a massage before!  It's one of those situations you walk in to wondering what exactly you are supposed to do!!

Believe it or not, I've always been kind of a modest sort of person, so walking into a room with a total stranger and laying there half naked on a table just makes you feel weird before you even get there!!

You wonder, will they tell me how far I am supposed to undress and what to leave covered and uncovered?? Don't want to flash the masseuse unnecessarily :) Then of course at my age you become a little more self conscious about all of the extra "rolls" everywhere!! 

LOLOL this is very similar to feeling like you need to clean your house before the maid comes or fix your hair before going to the hairdresser haha...except in this case there is NOTHING I can do to get ready!! :) I will just have to lay on that table in all my glory!! 

 Both of my girls have had massages and this is why they are sending me to get one tomorrow.  They have informed me that it is not stressful (which is obviously the point)  and that the person will cover me up with a blanket and massage just one spot at a time! 

I think it's just my type A personality showing through!  If I am not in total control of a situation by knowing exactly what is going to happen, and having four different solutions for anything that may happen when I am there, then I am going to be uncomfortable doing it.  That is also funny in itself, because I love trying new things, but generally, THEY DON'T INVOLVE STRIPPING!!

I will let y'all know tomorrow how the massage day turns out!  I definitely need some "mom and de-stressing time"



  1. Oh you are going to LOVE it! I have been getting regular massages for about 10 years now. You can leave on as much, or as little, clothing as you're comfortable with. The hardest part for YOU will be relaxing....but you really owe it to yourself to do that! You'll feel sooooooooo good afterwards!

  2. :) I am really excited about going! Once I get there and figure out how it all works I am sure I will love it!! Both of the girls had one in November and said they just loved them, and also said just what you did, that they felt sooooo good afterwards!! I can't wait for some "relaxation time"!! What kind do you get? They had so many to choose from!! The girls each got a Swedish Massage, and I chose to go with this lemon balm one just because it sounds like fun! They had a hot stone one that also sounded pretty cool!! I may be an addict before long!!



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