Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jackies Wedding

Since this is the most creative thing we have done recently and took sooo much time and planning, I thought I would share some of our favorite photos!  I have thought about what fun it would be to do wedding planning as a serious occupation, but just haven't made up my mind yet!  Most of you, my friends, have seen these photos already on my Facebook page.  I thought I would share these with the general public in case someone is planning a wedding and needs some inspiration.  My daughter was engaged for two years and then decided that she wanted to have their wedding in about a six month time span.  We worked so hard to pull off her "fairytale dream"!!

These were the moss letters we ordered off of Etsy

The programs...Jackie designed the overall look and our invitation person made it come to life.......The other photo is a view of all of the martini glasses for the Mashed Potato Martini Bar.  That was so much fun....You put your mashed potatoes in there and then they have TONS of toppings for you to choose from to put on them.  Yum!!
The flower girls and one of the Ring Bearers
Jackie had the flower girl dresses custom made by another lady on Etsy. 

The cake!!  What is so neat about the whole cake thing is that the lady who made their wedding cake is the same one who made our wedding cake close to 25 years ago.  We were one of her first customers!!

The luminaries designed by our invitation person!!  We had some on every table and in every window

The head table, it was gorgeous!!

One of the table arrangements!!   We had tons of candles!!  There were hydrangeas under each of the candleabras.
First Dance!!

Daddy/daughter dance

The very first dance after Jackie changed into her reception dress!! 
They played Cupid Shuffle and quite a few people got out there and danced!!
It was a blast!!

The Groomsmen

The Bride, Bridesmaids, and Flower Girls

The sisters

There were over 8000 rose petals put out on the aisle runner!!
We had to layer them by colors!!

Jackie's bouquet!  She spent hours with the florist specifying
how she wanted the flowers to look!!

The Bride and Bridesmaids showing off their bouquets!!  The maid of honors
was a smaller version of the Brides, and the other Bridesmaids had white bouquets!!
I accidentally cut Jessica (maid of honor and my other daughter haha out of this pic)

How the guests saw the tables when they came in for the reception!
We had the tables preset with salads.  There was a buffet waiting.
We had roast beef, grilled chicken, green beans with sun dried tomatoes, a mashed potato martini bar (which everyone loooooved), rolls and then tea and sparkling wine or beer to drink.

A wide view of the tables

One of the flower arrangements in the chapel.  If you look you can see the candles to the back of it.  We had about 12 candles layered down each side of the steps

Jackie and Cody dancing! A great view of her reception dress!!

The Bride and Bridesmaids (- Taylor)

The Grooms Cake ~ it was soooooooo good!!

The Groomsmen ~ ha I love this pic!!

My new son in law with all of the children in the wedding!!
His niece Chloe, my granddaughter (his daughter) Adleigh, My grandson (his nephew) Payton, and his nephew Braeden

The Beautiful Bride!! <3
The Bride and her daughter!! :)


  1. wow- I felt like I was there and oh so beautiful it was!

  2. Thank you Lisa!! I enjoy sharing my life with everyone and love to give you a front row view into my world!! :D It was so much fun to see her vision turned into reality!!



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