Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Every year, for at least the last fourteen years, we have had ladybugs swarm our house twice a year.  It never fails that a few will find their way into one end of the house through the vents on the outside of the house.  The only place they go is into the master bath.  I have really gotten to where I sort of despise ladybugs.  This brought me to the idea that perhaps I could go outside and "catch" them all and put them in a container and sell them!!  After all, ladybugs are very beneficial for gardens and you can buy them on the internet!!  :)

That being said, I thought I would look up "ladybugs for sale" on a search engine this morning.  I don't think it's going to be worth my time to catch them all haha!!

This is what one website says that has them for sale:

Live Ladybugs.....1500 for $6.50

For now I will just have to put up with them I guess.....STUPID LADYBUGS!!

Ummmm I can't imagine how long it would take me to catch 1500 ladybugs and then keep them all alive while being shipped.  How about 1500 for $1.00 a piece LOL??  That's more like it!!!!


  1. Send them to EG, she LOVES

  2. If I could find a container to put them in I would...haha of course with all the shipping regulations I would probalby be committing six different crimes in five states by shipping live ladybugs across state lines!! :) How about if I drive them up to you??



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