Saturday, September 14, 2013

Monster Party Inspiration

I am planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, and after looking through what seems like
 of Halloween theme ideas I have gone back to basics and am going with a
There are so many cute ideas, here are a few that I have chosen to incorporate into my party!!
Of course I have all of my ideas Pinned on Pinterest and will share the link to that as well!!

This is the cake idea I am going with...I found the pic online, could never get it to save on Pinterest with the original link, so I had to download it to share with my to whoever came up with it, I APOLOGIZE that I can't link back to you....but I love your cake idea :))

I love dry ice!!  I have no doubt the kiddos will think this is pretty awesome!!
(The How To Is Below)
I don't know what a party is without cute snacks!! :))  These are just too cute not to throw in somewhere!!
(the recipe can be found here)
I love this party printable package, pretty sure I will be ordering this set!!
(they can be found here)
Isn't this idea for "Monster Eyeballs" cute??
(I found the inspiration here )

I think these Frankenstein Marshmallows would fit right in
This is a pretty cute craft idea for the kiddos to do at a monster party!!
(the how to can be found here)
These are super cute for favor/treat bags.  They are really simple to do.  They bags are available at Hobby Lobby as well as the eyes.  It looks like all it would take is a little hot glue and imagination!!
Thought this was a super cute idea for a game at a Monster Party!!  I'm sure it would be easy to re create!!
These are just some of the cute inspirational ideas I've found!!  You can find my Pinterest page right here!!
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Showered With Love Baby Shower

My oldest daughter had the privilege of having a beautiful baby shower thrown in her and her sweet new baby's honor.  The theme was "Showered With Love".  The ladies did an excellent job of putting it together and so much fun was had by all.  Since Miss Avery decided to make her appearance about two weeks early, she was there to enjoy the festivities as well <3

This display was on the table where the gifts were placed

This display was on one of the guest tables

This display was on another of the guest tables
There were two tables with eight chairs per table

A "wishing cloud" where each guest could write in permanent marker on a rain drop well wishes for the new baby <3


The silverware was placed into a small glass vase....and then printables taped to the side
An assortment of pastries
They went with pastries, a fruit display and pigs in blankets instead of cakes because cakes are so "over done".  Everyone can have cakes, why not be individual and do something different?!

I actually made these myself to help out.  They are very simple to make!!
The sweet little guest of honor <3
The printables were purchased through Hostess With the Mostess

                                 HWTM - Showered With Love Baby Girl Shower Printables


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A litle Christmas Inspiration and Laughter Go A Long Way!!

This has been an incredibly busy week, month, year!!  Today my daughter and I took some time to enjoy our first day with no kids home (besides sweet little Avery).  Monday my 4 year old granddaughter had to suddenly be hospitalized for an asthma attack, bless her heart.  Her momma and daddy spent the night and the day with her yesterday while she impatiently waited to be released!! <3 She was released yesterday evening, but it was definitely a dramatic start to our "back to school" routine. 

My oldest daughter and I decided to take a small trip to one of our neighboring towns to visit a wonderful place called Jordan's Plant Farm.

We try to make a visit out there at least once a year in the Fall.  Jordan's is a wonderful "Christmas Inspiration and Supplier of all things Christmas Décor related" shopping destination. 
They have too many rooms inside to count, each decorated in different Christmas themes.  She and I both particularly loved one and will be planning our Christmas Décor this year around it. 
Not the best picture ever, but it was a beautiful tree done in red, white , and green with lots of red stripes and polka dots.  This is the theme we will be working with this year!!

I want to make one of these little trains to go in front of our tree this year for the grandkids, with a little car for each of them behind it!!
Afterwards we drove on into Henderson, ate lunch  and then  toured around the downtown area which neither of us have seen in several years, and then headed back home.
We had the funniest conversation on the way home and I just have to share it.  We were approaching the road where you turn at that led to Jordan's again.    I jokingly said "let's go to Jordan's and look around!!"
Then Jess said "let's go and pretend like we haven't already been there today".
You have to understand, we were the ONLY people there yesterday, so we were just a little bit obvious.
She said "I'll change shirts, you can have my other shirt, and you can hold Avery and say she's yours and just look at them funny when they say something about us having already been there and deny it."
The more we talked about it and thought about how the ladies there would react, the more we laughed.  They have some really sweet ladies working there by the way :))
I'm pretty sure we could have had our own episode of Impractical Jokers yesterday had we only been brave enough to try. 
Laughter and Shopping is the best medicine there is!!
Have a great week my friends!! 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School with Kleenex - Supporting Healthy Schools

All across America families are either already in the first week or two of  back to school, or they are  enjoying every last second of their August vacation and anxiously awaiting the 1st day of school at the end of the month.  We have had an incredibly busy but fun summer here in Texas.  One of my grandchildren will be starting Pre-K this week and my other grandchild will be starting 2nd grade next week. 

Preparing for back to school seems to take on a life of it's own when you combine all of the school supply shopping along with the clothing shopping.  One of my grandkids will be wearing uniforms and the other will still be allowed to wear his regular clothes. 

One of the common denominators on both of their school supply lists was a box of Kleenex brand tissues.  Kleenex is always innovative and providing the best in comfort and care for our little ones.  Kleenex Every Day Tissues are now are made with Sneeze Shield, which is thicker and more absorbent and helps keep the wet, yuckiness on the tissue instead of on their hands.  They are also now made in portable, convenient packages which you can easily toss into their backpack.  Having a little grandson in 2nd grade who seems to always have some reason to keep something yucky off of his hands, this is a lifesaver that they make backpack sized ones!!

I was amazed to find out that Kleenex is the only tissue company that participates in the Box Tops For Education program!  So many of my friends were instantly on board about buying the Kleenex brand and excited about using the box tops for their schools.  To date Kleenex has donated $13 Million dollars to schools through the Box Tops For Education program. 

Kleenex has also teamed up with in a Nationwide contest for schools to enter to win 250,000 E Box Tops for the school of their choice. The winners will be announced tomorrow!! 

We will definitely be buying the required boxes of Kleenex, and I would bet probably a few more to take to their schools since germs seem to fly around in the fall after school starts.  The box tops can be found on Kleenex 160 count, 210 count every day tissue and the Kleenex brand 112 count Anti Viral Tissue. 
Here's wishing everyone a Safe, Happy, and Healthy 2013-2014 School Year!!
In the upcoming weeks I will be choosing a local school district to receive a generous donation of 10 boxes of Kleenex Brand Tissues! 
  *I am a Kleenex ambassador. I was compensated for this post, however, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Please visit the Box Tops for Education Facebook Page at Facebook - Box Tops For Education
Please visit the Twitter Box Tops for Education Page at Twitter - BTFE
Please visit the YouTube Box Tops for Education YouTube - Box Tops 4 Education

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Summer 2013

We've got lots of big plans and activities scheduled for this summer!!  Look for lots of pics and DIY ideas!!  My two favorite grandkids let me paint their hands and feet red yesterday to make these lobsters!!  I would have loved to have taken photos while I was doing it but it was impossible to do since I had two "littles" with red paint on their hands and feet :))  Come join us while we have a blast this summer!!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

T Ball and Hitting Videos

Because I am a TBall MiMi, I have to share some videos and a story behind them.  My grandson has been playing TBall for three years.  This is his best year yet, all the training and practicing over the years is really playing off and his coaches are beyond impressed with his playing skills.  He wanted to hit better, so we looked for some "hitting videos" on Youtube.  I found one that he LOVES, and I will share the link in case you are also searching for something easy for your TBaller to learn from.  Literally OVERNIGHT it changed the way he hits.  The first night after watching this video and practicing he hit three home runs.  He has had a least a home run hit at every game since then!!  Here's the video of  my grandson, and yes, he has his whole fan club hollering for him!!  I get so tickled, look at the opposing teams coach in the right hand side of the screen after he hits the ball!! I also love watching everyone jumping up and down along the fence as they run :))We all love this little boy!!

Here's the video from this last Tuesday night, I can't believe I ran out of memory midway through his home run "run"...but you can see him hit anyway!
Here's the link to the YouTube video:
This is one of the best videos I have ever seen and I will be forever grateful to Ken Van Bogaert for making it so easy for the little ones to understand!!

Handprints On The Wall

I had to smile this morning as I was cleaning the bathrooms in our home.  For some reason my grandson always puts his little hand on the wall before he gets in the bathtub each night.  He is six.  Because he is six, his hand has usually been in the dirt, catching baseballs, petting dogs, there is a perfect dirty handprint on the wall.  Every time I wipe one off, a new one will appear in a few days.  I found this poem, describes him pretty well!!  :))

These little hands can wave hello
or put smudges on the wall.
They can fold in prayer
throw a kiss or
reach up when I say "so tall".
They will clasp your hand for an autumn stroll,
Or shape a dinosaur from clay.
But most of all, they will stay with you
when I'm grown and far away.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sea World San Antonio 2013

What a great "mini vacation" I have had with my oldest daughter and grandson at Sea World this Spring Break!  We had some free days "mid week" and thought we would come spend a day visiting this larger than life tourist attraction!!
I want to share some of my favorite photos and some good advice on what to do and not to do when you go there!!
We bought our tickets online!  I would highly suggest doing that.  When you get to the park it's much easier to just sail right in with "pre purchased" tickets than having to stop and wait in line.  I went to a website called Retail Me Not to look for discounts to add while purchasing the tickets.  By doing this we saved 25% on our one day tickets.  Just type in Sea World. 
I would also suggest to buy the Shamu's Preferred Parking.  I think it was $10 more.  We did and when we were leaving last night we were SO HAPPY to only have to walk two rows out to get to our car instead of hiking a half a mile back to the car. 
We also bought the ALL DAY DINING for everyone that was with us.  That's a HUGELY great idea.  It seems a little pricey at first, but when you get there and see the prices on the menus, and when you are there from daylight till late at night, it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!!  You get an entree, a side or dessert, and a drink.  If you get thirsty during the day you can just walk in any of the restaurants and pick up a drink and show them your wristband and walk back out.  It also means you don't have to carry a bunch of cash all day long or swipe your debit card a thousand times. 
While on the subject of cash, if you have kids and you don't mind buying them those little toys they hawk up and down the aisles or will want some cotton candy etc....don't forget to put a little cash in your pocket.  We had stashed our purses in the car and therefore only had debit cards much to the chagrin of my grandson who wanted a "bubble gun" and some cotton candy.  We finally managed to go to one of the ATM'S before the end of the night and before the last show and he got his precious bubble gun.
We managed to see pretty much every attraction in the park in one day, but we didn't go to the larger rides like the roller coasters.  I would suggest buying a season pass or two day tickets if you want to see every single "feeding" and show they have.  We saw all but two shows and believe me, that added up to something like five shows. 
The first show we saw was the One Ocean show!  It was AWESOME.  Hoowwwwever, we thought it would be FUN to sit on the third row from the bottom in the "Splash Zone"....we thought it would be a LITTLE splash, and NO BIG DEAL.  Hahaha we were WRONG.....OMG we were DRENCHED.  OVER AND OVER.  It literally took a half a day for our clothes to dry out and a few hours for my camera to dry out and work again.  Most of the seats say "splash zone" but the ones you really need to worry about in this show are on the bottom rows, the rest are fine. 

We also saw the AZUL was FABULOUS.
The only tip I have for that is don't sit in the middle of the stadium on the lower half if you don't want to get wet.  Those poor folks got pretty wet.  It was entertaining to those of us watching from afar, but I would not have wanted to be down there. 

Every family has one kid who is silly.....this is my grandson who is six and didn't want me to take his pic so he put his mouth up next to the camera LOL
We also saw the Cannery Row Capers show and the Shamu Rocks show!

I would HIGHLY SUGGEST NOTTT sitting by this thing...which looks like an old fashioned water tower...unless once want to get wet.  It opens and splashes about the first 10 rows near it.  We were nowhere near it thankfully.  The only problem I have with that part of the show is they had a spot on the very bottom where some parents had put their handicapped children, they were in specialty strollers and had no way of trying to move out of the would think they would have warned them that they were in the direct first line of fire when the water came out.  These were kids who had no way of even sitting up by themselves.  I would have had an issue with them had this been one of my kids. 
The Shamu Rocks show was phenomenal!! 
Along with the shows we went to the Sesame Street Bay of Play and my grandson rode the little rides there and played on their giant play area.  The only big suggestion I would have for the Bay of Play is keep an EAGLE EYE out on your kid.  It's so easy for them to get separated from you there.  We were just standing there by the climbing nets when this tiny little girl who was about four came rolling down off of it because she was coming down too fast and she whacked the ground.  Her mother was nowhere in site.  We had to comfort her until her mother finally came running from who knows where.  We temporarily lost site of my grandson as well when he crawled through one of the tunnels and ended up in some other part of the giant play area.  There are a lot of entries and exits to this part of the play area and if you have small children keep an eye out.  We went after dark and while it's fairly well lit it was still a little alarming at how many places kids could wander out at. 
All in all it was a great time and TOTALLY worth the money!!
If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer it!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Screwed Up Kitty

Hi friends and followers!
I know, it's been a while since I've had time to write, which seems strange since now I'm entered in the Circle of Moms Funny Blog contest and haven't even had a new "funny" post in a while!!  :)
I thought I would at least share this funny conversation that my daughter and I had with my 3 year old granddaughter the other day.  We were shopping at the mall and thought we would stop in for lunch at the Chic Fil A.  I had actually let her get some Dippin Dots beforehand, (I ROCK like that....such a great MiMi....dessert before lunch) we were sitting there eating our lunch and I thought I would ask her what she wanted for her 4th birthday.  She picked up a spoon of dippin dots and said "a kitty".  I said...well you already have a kitty, do you mean you want a "play kitty".  She looked at me with that look that only she can give and said " of those kinds that you need a screwdriver with".  I looked at my daughter and then at her and was like whaaat ARE you talking about?!?!  I thought maybe she meant one of those robot kind that walk etc....and she said "no you use the screwdriver to make it go.  I'm going to give it to my Daddy, so he can screw it up.  "
I honestly nearly fell under the table laughing so hard.  I don't have the heart to tell her daddy about that conversation hahaha....and such are the days in my life with my granddaughter!!


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