Wednesday, May 15, 2013

T Ball and Hitting Videos

Because I am a TBall MiMi, I have to share some videos and a story behind them.  My grandson has been playing TBall for three years.  This is his best year yet, all the training and practicing over the years is really playing off and his coaches are beyond impressed with his playing skills.  He wanted to hit better, so we looked for some "hitting videos" on Youtube.  I found one that he LOVES, and I will share the link in case you are also searching for something easy for your TBaller to learn from.  Literally OVERNIGHT it changed the way he hits.  The first night after watching this video and practicing he hit three home runs.  He has had a least a home run hit at every game since then!!  Here's the video of  my grandson, and yes, he has his whole fan club hollering for him!!  I get so tickled, look at the opposing teams coach in the right hand side of the screen after he hits the ball!! I also love watching everyone jumping up and down along the fence as they run :))We all love this little boy!!

Here's the video from this last Tuesday night, I can't believe I ran out of memory midway through his home run "run"...but you can see him hit anyway!
Here's the link to the YouTube video:
This is one of the best videos I have ever seen and I will be forever grateful to Ken Van Bogaert for making it so easy for the little ones to understand!!

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