Monday, February 21, 2011

Preschoolers are Funny!!

I just have to share these two stories, they made me laugh so hard!!

Payton, my 4 year old grandson, made several people a Valentine card on Valentine's day.  One of those people is our next door neighbor, Jesse.  Jesse owns one of our local Mexican restaurants.  He is a truly awesome neighbor, and we all get along great.  I have no idea why Payton wanted to make him a card, but he did. 

I will also preface this with the fact that for some reason, known only to four year old little boys, he loves aliens now.  When we were in the exam room at the ER, we had to pretend with him that the Dr's and nurses were aliens. 

On Jesse's card, Payton drew a giant bird.  He also drew a big heart and it was really cute.   He colored the bird black.  It looks very much like a giant Ostrich.  He insists that it is an "Eagle".  However, he also insists that it is also an "Alien". 

My neighbor is Hispanic. We are a family who gets along with every race, creed, color don't even think that we would judge anyone by what their background is!!   He (my wonderful neighbor) may think it's really funny, but I just can't bring myself to take Payton over there and hand him a card and then have him say, I drew you an "Eagle Alien" just sounds too much like he's saying "illegal alien".....I think I will hide the card and tell him we gave it to him and he just loved it.  I will bring it back out when he is about 16 and try to explain why we  just couldn't give him that card.  Ohhhh the funny situations we find ourselves in. 

Today we took the kids out to lunch.  There was a TV playing in the restaurant dining room.  A commercial came on for ProActiv.  Payton blurted out  "Look Mimi, that's for when people have polka dots, they put that on their skin and they go away".  Then he looked at my face at a mole and said "Mimi you have polka dots"...hahaha...Fun Times!! 

Hope everyone had a great Monday! 


  1. hahaha I am literally laughing out loud...that is to funny I love it

  2. :) Michelle, I have a feeling this will be on of those "family stories" that gets passed down and retold...the time Payton made an illegal alien Valentine card hahahaha :)

  3. "illegal alien valentine card" roflmbo...oh shoot, carol, that is toooo funny!



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