Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Week!!

Hi friends!

It's only Tuesday and I can already see this week is shaping up to be unordinarily crazy! 

When I picked up my granddaughter from her mom yesterday, I knew she was not feeling well so I made her an appointment with her pedi for yesterday afternoon. 

 I broke down and bought one of those really awesome forehead thermometers over the weekend, and went ahead and paid the premium price of $39.00 for it too!  They work great, and of course the kids wanted to carry it all around yesterday, so today obviously it is nowhere to be found.  I am starting to wonder if one of them didn't drop it in the trash can!

Back to the sick story, well Adleigh progressively felt worse as the day went on and her temp shot up to over 102.  By the time we got to the pedi she was just laying in my arms like a little rag doll and with a raging fever.  They checked her lungs and ears, and thankfully both were fine.  They had to do a flu swab, which involved sticking a giant Q tip like thing up her nose, (which obviously she hated...with a passion), and that came back negative.  Just when she had dozed off again they sent a blood tech in to take a cbc blood count.  Her white blood cell count was down and they assume that she just has a virus.  Just in case you already don't know this, pricking the finger of a sleeping baby is never a good idea...she woke up screaming and absolutely hated me....for a while lol...

While getting all of that done, Adleigh threw up all over me.  Literally from my head to my toes, soaking my blue jeans.  Ohhhhh the days of my life :)  It was a really LONG ride back home smelling like vomit. 

Today she is much better, and we are gearing up for another huge ice/snow storm here in East Texas. It's supposed to hit tonight and all day tomorrow.   Thankfully Jackie already has off on Wednesdays and was able to plan ahead and take scheduled time off of work on Thursday just in case the ice/snow hasn't melted yet.

It's only Tuesday and that is where we stand on the week so far.  I had volunteered also to watch a friends little boy, but have a feeling they are going to be iced/snowed in for the rest of the week as well!!

I've been writing my stories as they come to me on here, if you enjoy reading them please leave comments as I love to know that people read them.  :)

There are a lot of fun events coming up in March, Adleigh's 2nd Birthday and Jessica's 24th birthday that we are gearing up for!!  You know I will have to write about all the creative stuff we come up with for those!! 

Hope everyone is having a more peaceful week than me!!  Lots of hugs to you all.....



  1. Well your week sounds amazingly similar to mine.
    LOL The things we Grandma's do for our grandchildren! ( All worth it tho ) Love reading about your adventures. I have to say I admire the fact that you deal with all of this and can still form sentences! Hope the rest of your week is better!

  2. It has been a crazy week...so much so that I have to think hard every day just to figure out what day of the week it is!! :) :) It is so totally worth it, and I wouldn't trade a bit of it!!

    Awww thanks it makes me happy that you enjoy reading all of the stories I can manage to write about the craziness of my life!! :)

  3. I have to add that today, February 15th, Payton FINALLY found the thermometer in his toy box!!!



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