Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sawed out of chairs ~ Not just for magicians anymore!!

Waaaaay back when, when I was in the first grade, I accomplished something probably no other child has ever done!!  I am pretty sure to this day no one else has done this either!!  :o)

My class was watching a movie one afternoon.  The lights had been turned off and most of the other kids attention was focused where it should be, on the movie.  However, to my little friend and I, it was play time!!  We sat in little desks and chairs.  Our chairs had backs on them that had about a 15" space or so between the seat of the chair and where the back of the chair started.

My friend thought it would be awfully fun to lay down on her back on the chair seat, and then slide her head through the space on the back of the chair, and then slide her whole body through and come out the other side.  We could do this undetected where we were sitting in the dark, or at least to a first grader, so we thought!

My friend went all the way through with absolutley no problem.  I thought I would try.  I put my head through, and then tried to slide my body through.  Nothing.  I tried to go back out the other way, not a budge.  At that particular time, my teacher decided to call on me to see if I was paying attention.  I was so embarassed I didn't say a word.  I'm sure when she looked over to see where I WAS sitting, and no longer saw me, she had to wonder just where I had gone to. 

She turned on the lights, and the whole class could see my predicament.  I was stuck in my chair!  I was laying with my head and part of my chest sticking out one side, and my abdomen, rear, and legs sticking out the other side!  My teacher had to call another teacher to take the class outside while they figured out how to get me out of the chair.  They had me wiggle, and they pulled me, and I could not get out.

They finally had to call the school custodian in with a hacksaw.  He thought it was a rather funny situation and started telling me he was going to saw me in half like they do on the magic shows.  I of course, who was only six, was horrified and thought he was serious and started wailing pretty loud.  I'm pretty sure my teachers could have killed him for saying that to me.  I had to lay there while I was literally sawed out of the chair.  He cut all the way down through the plastic backing, and then I was able to get out. 

After my terrifying ordeal I did get to go to the teachers lounge and have a coke with the teachers.  I can't even begin to imagine what they said to my mother when they called her!!  I can still picture that classroom and the teacher calling on me plain as day!! 

I still feel pretty certain that the title of having been sawed out of chair in school still only belongs to me, and I am proud of it :)


  1. i have no comment...I'm laughing too hard! lol

  2. This is so funny I had to share it on my Facebook! ;)

  3. Wow I feel so flattered!! :) Thank You!! It's one of those things I still laugh about today event though it happened so many years ago!! :) Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my stories!!



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