Monday, August 6, 2012

Homesteading Monday

I thought I should devote a whole day to

COUNTRY LIFE!!  I am linking up with the

Monday Barn Hop!!

Come on over and join us!!

My grandson decided a few months ago that he wanted to have some chickens.   :)  His mother had raised chickens during high school, so we are no stranger to what chicken raising entails!!

He and my husband went out and worked on building a neat little chicken pen in what used to be our "round pen".  There were some local folks that had some hens and a rooster for sale so we went and picked them up once the pen was built.  We now have six hens and one rooster. 

It was so funny once we got them home and settled, my grandson would ask..."why isn't the rooster crowing??" and when we didn't have an answer he came up with his own...he said it was because "our place does not look like a farm...there are no cows, and there aren't any sheep and he just doesn't know he's supposed to crow"...then he insisted that we need to buy all of the above to motivate that poor little rooster.  THANKFULLY the rooster has now started's a poor pitiful crow if I've ever heard one....but he crows.  :)  He was also overheard standing in the chicken coop lecturing the hens on why weren't they all laying was HILARIOUS!!

My grandson INSISTS that his hens should walk up and down this board to get to their roost.  We are in progress of putting in individual nesting boxes, but for now they just like to get up there and lay their eggs and roost at night.....

Since purchasing the hens, five of them have started laying eggs. (the lecture must have worked)  This will mean 35 eggs a week.  I hope our friends and family are ready for all of the free eggs they could ever want!!   They are beautiful eggs, some are a dark brown and some are a very light tan color and now one has started laying those beautiful green eggs!!  I still have to work on the "ewwww" factor, because while I love eggs, it's just a little different when you pick one up and it's still warm...eeeeee....I just try to forget about it haha and wash them and put them up in the fridge.  One of our hens is even laying double yolk eggs!!  Chickens are just fun!!

Every single one of those chickens is a pet to my grandson.  He likes to go in there and catch them one at a time, take them out and set them on his lap and talk to them and pet them.  It has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen :)  Those chickens have no idea how lucky they are!! 

  Hope you enjoy your "mini visit" into our little corner of the world!!

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