Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a Rainy Monday!!

Hi Friends!!

Hope all of you are having a fantastic Monday wherever you are!!  This morning we had a severe thunderstorm roll through, naturally right when it was time to be out on the road picking up my granddaughter for the day!  Her mom had hail hitting her car and had to pull over several times on the drive down just to get out of it.  By the time I got to our "meeting spot" the sky was pitch black and it started to pour.  I just brought both of the kids into the grocery store and we bought some chips and drinks and sat at the deli and let it pass by!  I feel for my neighbors in the states to the East of us today, I know you are going to be hit hard by these storms!  Stay safe out there!

This week is my 4 year old grandson's first T Ball game.  They have been practicing for quite some time now, and he is super excited to actually get to wear his uniform.  His coach brought all the kids their jersey's the other night.  The team name is the RANGERS and their colors are red and white.  The little jersey's are red and their little ball caps are a dark blue with a big white T on them!  I have never seen a prouder 4 year old in my life! 

It's really funny to go watch their practices, I cannot imagine what the games will be like with that many little three and four year olds.  They tend to stand around and kick dirt, and pick flowers, and whisper to each other, and put their gloves on their head, and just lay down in the dirt.  I am sure it will be HILARIOUS!!  Payton does love to hit the ball with his bat though, so I know he will be all for getting to go out there and run run run!! 

At the last practice, we had to sign up for who would bring snacks to each of the games.  My daughter and I picked the first game.  We are now of course debating what would be an appropriate snack for a bunch of tired hot three and  four year olds!!  Because we are who we are lol, we are having to REALLY try and not make them too cutesy cute....after all they are mostly boys and they are little and they don't care as long as it tastes good!!  We have decided to go with Capri Suns and Waters, and then we are going to be a little creative and make "Baseball" sugar cookies and decorate them with white frosting and then the team name on them....but then we need something else as well.....still debating on that...if anyone has any ideas please pass them along to me!! :)

You know I will have to blog about our sugar cookie a matter of fact I could write several on that, there is nothing more fun than a cookie decorating party!!

Have a wonderful Monday afternoon!!

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