Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jessica's Surprise 24th Birthday Party

I love to plan parties, so of course it was a lot of fun to me to try and put together a intimate surprise party for my daughter's birthday.  I started about a month and a half ahead of time, calling around and kind of letting some of her friends and co workers know about it.  I asked for suggestions for restaurants they liked, and they all had one in common  in Tyler called Villa Montez.  The Villa  is a former mansion in Tyler, Texas and has several floors of rooms with tables etc...which lends itself perfectly to having a room to yourself for your party!  I called the restaurant about three weeks out to make the reservations, and when I had a pretty good idea of the number of people who might be attending.  Around here, if you want a speciality cake, it is pretty much a rule of thumb that you also order them at least three weeks out.  It's kind of funny, I guess she is at the age where most of her friends are now new moms, she had at least four of her friends who were unable to come because they have all had  new babies within the last few weeks to few months!!

Villa Montez, Tyler, Texas

It helped that most of her friends are already friends with me on Facebook, I have no idea how many FB emails I sent out as time went on, trying to coordinate how we would pull off getting her to the restaurant with no suspicions!!

Her sister and I decided that she would call Jessica and tell her she was going to take her out for a "sisterly" Birthday celebration.  Her best friend also called her that day to tell her Happy Birthday and ask her what her plans were haha although she knew all too well what the plans were!  Another friend of hers from work texted her Happy Birthday about 30 minutes before she was to arrive at her party!! She left home on her Birthday evening, and I told her I would see her later on when she got home.  After she had been gone for about thirty minutes, I hopped in my car and headed that way as well.   Jackie had picked up Jessica's Birthday cake earlier in the day and taken it home and "hidden" it in her laundry room on top of her washing machine.  Our plan was, that Jessica would meet Jackie at her house, then they would leave, and I would run in after they left, grab the cake, and beat them to the restaurant.  Of course, be prepared, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Jackie was running late that evening, so Jessica instead of staying at Jackie's house, she went to Wal Mart to pick up something.  I then had to hurry hurry into Jackie's house before she got back, grab the cake, and leave for the restaurant in  rush before she came back and saw me.  It was really quite funny. 

I managed to get the GIANT cake to the restaurant, and up the five thousand stairs in one piece, and then we waited and all of us girls had a great time visiting and laughing waiting for the guest of honor to arrive!! 

The Birthday Girl!!

She loved her cake ~ Cheetah Print and Pink

Sooo Cute!!

We ordered two plates of these for appetizers!!  They were scrumptious!!

Jackie, Sarah, and Jessica

Me and Sarah :) Sarah and Jessica have been best friends since 4th grade and they are now both moms!  We act pretty silly whenever we get together!  It's great to have friends young and old that you can just be yourself with!!

My little granddaughter!  Our youngest guest who thoroughly enjoyed herself as well!!

Some of the guests!

Jessica, 24 years old!!

My meal, it was Margarita Shrimp, sooooo YUMMY!!

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