Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Tablescaping $20 shopping trip

Easter Decorating $20 trip

by Carol Dison on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 1:44pm

I had a rare moment today to spend time with just my little granddaughter Adleigh, and I have been itching to do a little Easter decorating, so we went into town and went to the Dollar Tree to see what we could find.  I say we, she's  two so I am pretty sure she didn't care about anything but the candy!!
I gave myself a $20 budget for the day, just to see how hard it would be.  I had considered going to Hobby Lobby, however Hobby Lobby for me is a 45 minute drive.  The Dollar Tree is a 15 mile drive, so it won out. 

This will be the first Easter that any of my kids have had to work. Because of this, we are going to have our family Easter get together on Saturday evening.  I am going to do it much like our annual summer parties LOL...I am going to set up tables outside, one for food, one for Easter baskets and candy, and one to eat at.  More than likely we will end up smoking ribs and sausage and then Easter Egg hunting until dark.  Jackie and cody won't be off work until 6 that evening, so we won't start until about 6:30'ish.  I've got a good mind to start inviting friends over with their little ones and making it a party..haha y'all know I can't resist!!

By the way, total spent today was $20.57

Robin Egg Blue Tablecloth. $1

Bunny Wall Hanging $1

Pastel bird and butterfly floral picks...great for adding to an Easter Display

3 glass candle holders $1/each. I will use these to put different types of candy in

2 pilsner glasses $1/each, I will use these to put pastel jelly beans in one and pastel m&m's in the other

A wind up hoppy bunny just because it was cute $1

Pastel yellow and white polka dotted favor boxes $1, these were in the baby shower section, but they are CUTE for Easter!!

2 bags jelly beans $2, these don't taste so hot, so I would recommend buying name brand at Wal Mart, probably for same price...but they look cute anyway

2 bags of marshamallow bunnies/chickies

cuteness for $2 (the pilsner glass and the jelly beans)

The bunny marshmallows in one of the bowls

Another view

The bird added in for fun!! :)

I already had the plastic eggs, was seeing how they would look in one of the bowls...a little Easter grass underneath and I thin k it would be super cute!!

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