Thursday, March 17, 2011

The days of my life :) :)

I love my life, and I am most definitely blessed to be able to stay home with my grandchildren so they don't have to go to daycare, and my girls don't have to pay the enormous day care fees.  When Jessica was living in San Antonio, Payton's day care ran $660 a month.  That is as much as some peoples rent around here!!  I really feel sorry for people who barely make minimum wage or just above it, I don't know how they pay for things like day care. 

Wednesday is our day "off".  Jackie and her husband Cody have the day off from work, and they keep Adleigh with them of course on that day.  When Payton was so sick last week, we promised him that if he would take his medicine, we would take him somewhere fun.  Every day for the last week, he woke up and asked, can we go somewhere fun today??  He woke up yesterday morning and asked me if I had money, which was a funny question coming from a 4 year old.  I told him yes, and then he said, do you have A LOT of money?  I was really wondering where he was going with these questions by that point!! I told him I guess I did, and then he said GOOD...LET'S GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE!!  I knew why he was asking those questions, his mom had told him that it costs a lot of money to go to Chuck E Cheese!!  :)

I was so proud of myself, I didn't fall for the "trap" at Chuck E's where they have you buy one of their "specials"....I figured it up myself and ordered each thing individually, and still got him tokens, and only spent $23!!  I was so proud of myself  LOL.  We ordered and sat down, and there were a few games right behind where we were sitting.  He ran over to one, slapped the ball thing on it, and out came about 15 tickets.  He never even put any money in it.  He is still young enough that he didn't realize what had happened, all he knew is that he got tickets and he was sooooo excited!!  He was jumping up and down and yelling and so happy!!  He kept hitting it, and the tickets kept coming out.  I was starting to feel a little self conscious about it, he wasn't putting any tokens in, and he was getting TONS of free tickets!  It was crazy!!  We ate our pizza and he went to the game right next to the first, and I'll be darned if it didn't just shoot out free tickets at him too.  Literally, he had about five games do that to him while we were there.  I have never ever seen that happen before.  He had some machines just spit out gobs and gobs of tickets.  By the time we were ready to go I was feeling like maybe I should have him go pick out a lottery ticket or something, he was so lucky!! 

Today while we were driving down the road, Payton saw a pawn shop with a kids drum set inside.  He yelled MIMI and told me he wanted me to stop and buy him that drum set.  He even pointed out that we were in the pickup and the drum set would fit!!  He's so cute!!   I always want to humor him, and especially what he is interested in.  But geeze, a drum set??  I would hate for him to be the next drumming prodigy though, and us never know it because we never let  him try!!  I just don't know how I could keep from going insane from having to listen to constant drumming!! We need an extra room built on the house or a storage shed converted into a drum room!!

Adleigh is going to be two next Monday.  I believe she has set out on a mission to make me crazy by then.  She is so funny, yet so aggravating at the same time.  Her new favorite thing to do with me is to change her mind every two seconds.  For example

She wll say "Bed" and point to the direction of my bedroom like she wants a nap.
I will pick her up and start walking with her towards the bedroom.
She will then say..."That Bed" and point the other way towards Jessica's room, like she doesn't want to sleep in my bed..  The bedrooms are on two totally different ends of the house. 
I start walking back the other way and she says 'NOOOO THAT BED"  and of course points back to my bedroom again.  arrrrggghhhh

After I changed her diaper this morning, I was putting her little pants back on and she started play screaming and kicking her feet and saying NOOOOO
I stopped, and didn't put her pants on....then she screamed PANTS...PANTS....
I started putting them on again and she started screaming again...NO...NO PANTS.....
I then walked away and she layed down in the floor and cried because I didnt' put her pants on. 
I am going to be CRAZY by weeks end. 

The kids are on a roll this morning.  I called my husband to ask him a question about something.  He started laughing and said it sounded like I was at a Circus, because both of the kids were hollering about something at the same time!!

I then had another phone call, and Payton and Adleigh decided to play tug of war over a box of sidewalk chalk.  We don't even have a sidewalk.  They were fighting over that box like mad.  They were also so loud and so horrible that I couldn't get a word in edgewise to the person on the other end of the line.  It also never fails, that if you walk to another room, while on the phone with screaming children in the background, those children will follow you to that room and continue their fussing and feuding.  Adleigh is at the age, where if Payton has something, she has to have it.  If he sits somewhere, she has to sit riiiiggght next to him, or on him, which annoys him to the nth degree.  He can't escape her, and she ADORES him...she also knocks over all of his buildings he builds with his stackable blocks and legos haha....

We're having Adleigh's 2nd birthday party Sunday.  I've been sworn to secrecy about the theme, but be looking for photos coming soon! I haven't even had time to shop for a present for her yet!!  What a bad Mimi I am LOL!!  I'm thinking about getting her this.....both she and Payton could play with it outside here at my house and as much as both of them like to splash in water it seems like it would be perfect!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!  I am going to work hard on not losing my mind today!!  :) :) It's a very distinct possibility!!

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