Monday, March 21, 2011

"Just Do It" or umm DON'T?!?!

There are going to be those days where I just have to blog about the random thoughts in my mind!!

 It will probably be at least Wednesday, maybe Friday before I post a blog with all of Adleigh's party pics!  Luckily we had our good friend Beth come and take pictures for us.   I walked out of the house, thinking the camera was in the car, completely left ours at home!  I had to stop and buy two disposable cameras and now I have to take them in to get developed.   Beth will be sending a CD with all of the pics she took for us!   Ohhh how I don't really miss those days of disposable cameras,  that is all we used for years!!  :) I am very much spoiled by having a digital camera now with instant access to the photos!

So the title of my blog occurred to me while I have been pondering a few lingering thoughts.  Several months ago Jackie and Cody had an opportunity to travel to Mexico on a mission trip with their church.  I was vehemently against it, after all, who wouldn't be?  Who wants to get shot in the street by the drug cartel there, and it's pretty darn likely it could happen.  It was in one of the border towns, and they ended up taking a group of about ten.  Jackie and Cody decided that basically, because of Adleigh and their responsibilites towards her, that they would not go, that the danger level is just too high.  The lingering thought I keep having is, if not us though, who will?  If we don't step out and feel the fear, and trust our faith and that our God will see us through, then are we really serving like we should?  Sometimes I think we just REALLY need to trust that the Lord will protect us and guide us through all dangers.  You just might be that one person that was meant to make a huge difference in someone else's life!

That reminds me of a wonderful story I read not too long ago, it's amazing!! 

I will retell it to the best of my abilities.  I cannot find it anywhere to save my life LOL!! 
There was this family from the United States.  They packed a shoebox of gifts for a child in another country, not having any idea where it was going to.  This family had an opportunity to go on a mission trip with their church overseas to share the gospel, help build churches,  and to have vacation bible school.  They had a great time, and one little girl invited one of the mothers and her daughter over to her house to visit with her mother.  They sat in this little girls living room, and talked about what they did, and how they had enjoyed giving through the Operation Shoebox.  The little girl squealed and said that she had just that year gotten a box from Operation Shoebox and had wanted to show them everything!  She ran to her room, and brought out the box.  It was THE EXACT BOX THEY HAD SENT.  They were sitting in the living room, in another country,  of the little girl who had received their box and had been tremendously blessed.  Neither of them had known where it had gone or who had sent it, up until that point!!  You just never know what kind of impact something small you are able to do for someone else will have.  If you don't do it, well then someone will most definitely be missing out. 

The other random thought I had, doesn't exactly go with those, but kind of.  The recent earthquake and following tsunami tends to strike a little bit of fear in all of us.  It seems like every place that would be fun to visit has had some huge natural disaster lately.   I live nowhere near a quake zone, nor near an ocean, but we were planning on traveling this summer for our 25th wedding anniversary.  I watched a documentary over the last few days, called MEGA TSUNAMI, about the tsunami and earthquake that hit Thailand and the surrounding areas several years ago.  If you want to be broken hearted, just watch that.  I had to watch it over several days, it was just too much for one sitting.  It is actual video footage that travelers took, of what happened, and what happened to them.  It is more than any feeling human can bear to see.  I cannot imagine how frightening that must have been for those in Thailand, and those in Japan.  I have never been a fearful person, as a matter of fact, there is really not too much that scares me.  Once you see things like this though, that occur without any prior warning, it really makes you start wondering about the safety of places you might want to visit.  LOL especially anywhere near an ocean!!  However, in all likelihood, the chances of you being somewhere where this happens, is probably pretty small.  Thank God.  It will still play in the back of my mind though whenever I start planning where we are going......should I "Just do it"  and go somewhere with an ocean....or maybe just stay safe and stay in the United States!! 

I guess I will have to stick to the motto of  "Feel the fear and do it anyway".

Hope y'all are all having a great Monday, and I promise I will post party pics as quick as I have them!


  1. My heart goes out to all those suffering from these tragic events. And yes, I agree, it does raise fear within us about things we cannot control. But, are we really living if we avoid experiencing the beauty of the ocean or other greats places...seems perhaps existing, but not truly living. God put it all here for us to enjoy. I spent too much time over-worrying and being mach ten in, I live in this moment and if this moment is at the beach then so be's warm, sandy and beautiful. Focus on the positive and keep playing. God has a plan that will unfold no matter where we are or what we are doing....Hugs and great blog my friend. :o)

  2. The things I cannot control is always what bothers me the most! All my life I have been taught to have a plan a,b,c,d.and e for any situation that might occur. It has literally served me quite well. However, it also does add to the anxiety of life trying to always be one step ahead of the "what ifs"!! I just told Jessica next time we go to the beach we were parking within walking distance in case we see a tsunami wave coming way out in the distance maybe we could grab everyone up and drive away fast enough LOL!! All said in humor of course! I've seen lives just paralyzed by fear, and I see now how easy it is to become that way. I am like you, it was all placed here for us to enjoy, and we CANNOT let the fear of the unknown stop us from enjoying everything life has to offer!!



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