Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday

Sooooo today is my first Monday without Adleigh in a little under two years!!  It's been so weird not to have her right by me in everything that I do.  :)  Jackie has decided to take some time off of work now that the she has finished this semester of school and is enjoying spending this free time with baby girl!!  She has two job interviews this week for part time jobs, something that will allow her to spend more time with her family, and still be able to help the family out some with a little income.  We are all grateful that she has that opportunity. 

The last few months we have really been trying to decide where to send Payton to Kindergarten at, or to let him start Kindergarten next year since his birthday falls so close to the cutoff date and he would be one of the youngest in his class.  However, due to his size LOL which is about the size of a 7 yr old....more than likely he will be going this year.  We're not too keen on sending him to our local public school....there's just too much that goes on there.....Because of that, we have really had to research the private schools and find some that offer a good education that are also affordable....and preferably one that has sports too   :)  Then you run into the problem of schools that only go from k-5th grade....I would hate for him to get used to one group of friends and then have to change to another school at that age.  He is supposed to have an "evaluation" this week at one of Tyler's most elite private schools...which is almost kind of scary LOL...we want him to do well and not be silly...but he is 4 after all :)  This particular school offers tuition help as well to almost all their kids who this is also a HUGE plus....Their curriculum is astounding....and Payton is smart so I am anxiously hoping that he is able to go there!! 

On a really fun note, Payton's birthday is only 8 weeks away, so we are starting to plan his birthday party!!  It should be a lot of fun this year, we will probably be inviting all the kids off of his T Ball team as well as his regular friends :)  He says he wants the camping/BUG party that we showed him online.....what little boy doesn't love the outside and BUGS?? 

This is the party he wants....we plan to do our best to duplicate some and then throw in some of our own touches!!

and while I am on the subject of parties....I have to talk about my new favorite crush....PARTY can find free ones all over the internet and on party blogs!!  They make any occassion just so super cute!!  Here are some that I have come across today...and believe me...I plan on using them alllll :) :)
For Father's Day

For your next summer BBQ....and who doesn't love the Hostess with the Mostess blog....sheesh
and then these...which I love love love!!

Hope everyone enjoys their some windows and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful breeze!!

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