Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another "Ducky" Day!!

Today Jackie had another job interview!  To hear the details of this job, I know it's one that is tailor made for her, and I am sure hoping she gets the offer!! :)  Because she had an interview, I drove up to Tyler to babysit Adleigh!!  Her interview was at 12.  My other daughter Jessica has some of the best supervisors in the world, who let her work extra hours during the week to take off early on Thursday and Friday during T Ball season so it's easy to get to Patyon's practice and games.  Because of that, she was off by 1 today, and met us at Jackie's house :)

I have to mention as well the story about Jackie's hubby Cody.  He is such a prankster, and I swear, if he does what he did today again he may meet an untimely ending haha.  He found out that there is an app for the iphone where you can make your number look like someone elses and call someone with that number.  He just sooooo happened to choose my phone number to call Jackie with.  There is noooo way he could have known this....(."technically" it wasn't him who called Jackie, but his cousin who works with him).  anyway....right when they were calling Jackie I had just gone into the bathroom.  When Jackie saw that it was my number calling her, she was being funny and walking up to the outside of the bathroom door, thinking I was calling her from the bathroom...and saying...CAN I HELP YOU??  YES MA'AM...ARE YOU HAVING PROBLEMS??  And then she realized there was a male voice on the phone...and he was saying...hey...I found this phone, and I want to return it to you...I've seen your photos, you are very pretty...can we meet for lunch and I can give you this phone back??  Or can I just come to your house, if you tell me where you live I will bring it to you.....soooo Jackie starts flipping out...I come out of the bathroom and she says MOM...SOMEONE SAYS THEY FOUND YOUR PHONE...which I was like whaaaaa?? My phone is in my purse....and I pulled it out...then her face turned white.......I guess that guy hung up and her husband called her laughing and said he was glad she wouldn't meet strange men for lunch etc....I think we all wanted to kill him at that point....that was soooo creepy!!  My son-in-law...haha think I'm gonna have to whack him with something the next time I see him :) 

Jackie fixed us lunch and we decided to take both of the kids to feed the ducks at UT Tyler.  Payton was pretty sad that he missed feeding the ducks the last time we had gone!!  UT Tyler is a beautiful campus. 
We had such a fun time...and I swear...before it was all over all of us were chunking bread at each other's Dison girls just can't leave well enough alone.....ohhhh a day in my life....this is why I share it with just wouldn't believe it unless you were here...and this is the next best thing!!

you should have seen the two arguing over who carried what bread...ahhhh kids...

had to of course stop and play at the metal turtle


Trying and Trying to coax the ducks to come to him

Jessica came over straight from work...she had no idea when she got dressed this morning she would be walking next to a lake in a skirt and heels

One of my most favorite photos EVER!!

My favorite people!! <3

The Hawk Attack Sign ~ we have yet to see one hawk...but I guess they are there...lurking...waiting to attack the unsuspecting person

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