Friday, May 20, 2011

When Seasons Change.....

Hi Friends!!  I am writing this blog in response to a blog prompt from an awesome lady over at  Today's "prompt" is When Seasons Change and you have 5 minutes to write what is on your mind....hahaha for those of you who know know I could never write everything on my mind in 5 minutes!! :)  I only covered about 1 1/2 seasons....but this was fun!!  This is what I wrote....still wish I could write about Winter and Spring!!


When Seasons Change it is a time for new adventures and making new memories, bringing out old traditions and remembering those family members who are no longer with us who have taught us to be who we are today! 

I think of how much I love when Summer comes...those summers spent out at my Grandparent's lake house, being lazy hanging out on the dock.  How my Grandmother would never turn away any family member and there was ALWAYS someone staying in her little guest cabin.  I've learned how to bake and cook, and how to treat those who need help while under her watchful eye all of those summers.  Summer is a time for me to let my grandkids now play and splash in the water and enjoy the pleasure of just being a kid in the warm sunshine!!

When the season starts turning to fall I am reminded of my children going back to school even though they are grown now with kids of their own.  How much fun it is to get ready for the cool months coming, the start of fresh new learning, how much I love to write in a brand new notebook!!  I love the Fall season because of the High School Football games :)


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