Monday, May 23, 2011

Payton's Party Plan

For those of my friends who love party planning, this is for you!!  We are currently planning Payton's 5th Birthday party!!  He is soooo super excited about it.  It has gone from a "camping" party to more of a "bug" party!!   Talk about an interesting starting point to find ideas for!!  The big thing for us is trying to design his birthday cake.  You knooooow how much we love cakes around here!!    If you google "fondant cupcake toppers" there are actually quite a few people who make them in pretty much any design you could ever want....except of course insects which is what we need!!  We have found a few though, and yes, I know, a frog is not an insect but it kind of goes with what we are doing (under the category of "slimy things little boys love to play with" ha!!

The problem we are running into is we only need one or two of each so I am not sure which route we will go on trying to get various "bugs"
We've also seen several cute ideas for snacks and such....and really really super cute games!! I like the idea of putting red grapes in a bowl and labeling them "snake eyes" and red craisins as "dried ants" know those kids would love that!! 

Quite some years back, when I was being creative....I once made some "worm pies" LOLOL for the ladies in my office!!  I got some tiny little terra cotta vases, filled them with mashed oreo cookies, cool whip, chocolate pudding, and then I think some more mashed cookies on top to look like dirt...and then you stick gummy worms in the top to make it look like they are crawling out....ha...may have to do some version of that for the kids as well!!

As hard as I tried to make this a photo just isn't happening!!  I will try to share some of our "inspiration boards" as we go along planning this...a lot was accomplished today!!

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