Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My New Addiction!! :) :)

Alrighty, so I don't know how many of you have heard of this website, PINTEREST.COM, but let me tell you, it is AWESOME!!  I have seen it mentioned over the last few months over several websites, and it got my curiosity up.  You have to ask for an invitation, either from someone you know, which you can always ask me and I will send you an invite, or you can email the website directly from the form located on there. 

As you are browsing the web, you can start "pinning" your favorite finds, your styles, your wish list, your must haves etc...all to this one website where it is easy to find again, and you can share it with your friends!!  What is not to like about that?? 

I'll be perfectly honest, it has made me feel like a person again.  Over time, a lot of us tend to put "who we really are, and what WE want" on the back burner, and we get busy with kids, life, etc.....this has reminded me that I have a definite style, in the way I want to decorate my home to reflect me, and in the way I dress.  It reminds me how much I enjoy looking at all of the new gadgets coming out that make our lives so much easier.  It's just pure fun and I am now motivated to SPRING CLEAN my house and move in the direction of having it reflect who I am and how I want it to look. 

I will be perfectly honest, it took us several days to figure out how to load the "pinning widget" onto our computers, but once we got that down, we have all been pinning like crazy.  It's fun to get some of your friends to join along with you, and you can share with each other all of the things that make your world tick. 

Come follow me:  Carol Dison on Pinterest.com and I will follow you back!! 

Have a beautiful day and HAPPY PINNING!!  :)

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