Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Day Of Summer!!

Today is June 1, 2011.  I can hardly believe that it's already June, much less the start of SUMMER!!  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?? 

Since today was Wednesday, I took Payton to the Tyler Public Library for his favorite thing ever


The nice lady telling the story today asked for volunteers to help with HUMPTY DUMPTY....Payton raised his hand and got to go "help" with the finger puppet!!  He was thrilled!!

Helping with the Story Board

Listening To A New Story

There is always a big group of preschoolers!!  I just love that the library does this for the kiddos!!

Time To Color Humpty Dumpty Puzzles!!


Mr Creative Colorer

Time to pick out the scissors to cut his puzzle out....this actually takes a lot of decision...can't just grab the first pair you see...they have to be the PERFECT COLOR TOO!! 

 His Masterpiece with his name even...and LEGS for HUMPTY!!  He accidentally put an O in the middle of his name but hey...he is just 4!! 

He decided to cut OUT the puzzle instead of cutting it into PIECES!!  SMART BABY BOY....he gave it to his momma later on so she can hang it up at work!! 

The first book he decided to check from the library after story time!!


Payton LOOOOOVES bird books.  He has ever since I bought him a book about birds when he was about 1 1/2.  We've had to read him that book about a million times....He thinks birds are great!!
(I started to laugh after this picture because he is starting to look like that guy off of  "Tool Time" or whatever where the guy is always behind the fence with just his eyes showing)

Finding more books!!

Back in MiMi's Jeep with his SIX books!!

We met his Mom for lunch and she had ordered us all some pizza.  We walked across the street from the Courthouse and ate at picnic tables.  The pizza was not so hot, but he company was AWESOME!! 

Payton has to climb everything he possibly can.  I think it's an unwritten rule somewhere that all four year old little boys MUST CLIMB anything climbable.  This picture makes me laugh since I took a photo of Jess taking a pic of Payton!! :)

Payton asked if this was a SKYSCRAPER....He then said he had seen some like it on BOB THE BUILDER!!  :) 

Two of my LOVES!!


The day ended with me going swimsuit shopping...which is another blog ALL IN ITSELF...UGGHHH...
AND THEN SWIMMING WITH JACKIE, CODY, ADLEIGH AND PAYTON in the pool at their apartments.  Had a great time, apparently I think I am much younger and athletic than I am since I had to challenge them to swimming races etc...and lost EVERY TIME HA!! 

I didn't take any pics of us in the pool besides this one of my Son In Law, Cody, whom I adore!!  Tomorrow is his birthday and he will be 24 years old.  I couldn't be more proud of him.  He and Jackie have been together since he was 18, and they will have been married on the 7th of June for 7 months woohooo!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful start to their summer today as well!!

You know I cannot possibly end this blog without telling a semi funny story on myself.  Payton and I were driving through downtown Tyler headed towards the library, and I was behind someone who COULD NOT make up their mind whether to drive or step on the was like every few, brake, drive, brake....and I finally said...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??  and Payton from the backseat said...I DON'T KNOW MIMI...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???  hahahaha poor baby thought I was talking to him..he had no idea I was talking to the driver in front of me....I then had to explain to him I was talking to another driver and not to him ha OMG and then silently vow to myself to never speak out loud to other drivers again!!  Ohhhh a day in my life!! 

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