Sunday, June 5, 2011

Payton's Birthday Party Planning!!

We have been in full party planning mode here for several weeks now!!  Payton's birthday falls right after the Fourth of July, so it's always kind of hard to coordinate his party date to not coincide with Fourth of July activities.  This year, Jessica and Payton are leaving the weekend after the Fourth to go to Colorado for nine days to meet and spend time with her boyfriends family!!  Because of this, we've had to move his party up to the end of June, which gives us approximately three more weeks to pull it all together. 

It looks like we are going to have to rent a tent this year as well since we are already having TRIPLE DIGIT numbers and it's only early JUNE!!  We are having his birthday late afternoon/early evening to try and keep the kids cooler!!  We are also renting a giant bouncy slip and slide for the kids to play on....can't beat a water toy with five year olds!!  :)

We've also got the cake narrowed down...we found a safari cake we loved and we're having it changed into a "bug safari cake"....really boyish and super cute!!  Boys and Bugs....seem to always go together!!

We've got an awesome friend who designs invitations, we told her what we wanted and what kind of party it was, what kind of bugs and what colors we were looking for  and here is what she has sent us so far!!  His birthday party theme this year is


Her blogsite is

We are also ordering "Pith Helmets" for all of the kids

Product Details

and Play Binoculars

Dozen Kids Plastic Toy Binoculars


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