Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crazy But Fun Friday

Yesterday was such a crazy day, FUN, but crazy. 

It started out with me wanting to take Payton to this event called WINGS OVER TYLER.  I knooowww that I read somewhere that it was June 3, 2011.  They advertisement that I read somewhere online said that there would be all sorts of "fly ins" and "aerial acrobatics" etc.  This would be something that Payton would LOOOVE.  I told him about it on Monday, and he asked me every day if it was Friday yet.  It was supposed to start at 1:00 p.m. 

Of course, you have to realize, I did WONDER whyyyy are they having this on a FRIDAY??  But hey, I can go and I can take Payton, lol too bad a lot of other people will have to miss it haha.  Soooo after a bunch of running around, and meeting his mother to get the lawn chairs out of her SUV (where they stay since we have a T Ball game to attend every Friday night), and then a trip to Walgreens to get another memory card for the camera, we finally drove up to the airport in Tyler. 

There were about SIX cars in the parking lot.  I first thought, WOW, they are going to be really sad that nobody showed up for their "event"...and then I realized "Silly, you are probably here on the wrong day". 

So, we got out and walked up to the lobby door and sure enough on the poster on the door it said...AIR SHOW...JULY 3RD....hahahaha....SOOOOOO needless to say Payton was not happy with me but I still saved the day!! 

Our airport in Tyler is also home to the Tyler Historical Aviation Museum.

I took him there when he was about 2 1/2, but now he is old enough to REALLY enjoy walking around and seeing all of the exhibits.  Since we were virtually the ONLY visitors in it, we were able to get a one on one tour of all of the military aircraft outside.  That little boy was in HEAVEN let me tell you!!


Our new friend Jerry was very nice and was so patient with Payton

He was showing Payton where the guns used to be mounted

The Mewbourne Oil plane taking off....Payton thought it was the coolest to watch it go down the runway and then fly up in the air!!

Getting to operate the Flight Simulator

Learning How To Operate the Wings!!

Taking Off Down the Runway

I know this photo is blurry, but the best I can show of how cool the background really looks like you are flying!!

"Flying" into Dallas and getting ready to land his plane at Love Field

His sweet "Flight Instructor".  Payton got a set of Gold Wings, a Certificate, and a poem about Percy and never giving up.  It was an AWESOME DAY!! 

After we left there we stopped by and saw Jackie and Adleigh and had the bright idea to take them shopping at a really cool new store I found the other day.  Taking two little preschoolers shopping anywhere is not always a fun idea!!  I did end up with a new T Shirt, a new purse, and a new little wallet.  Expensive trip, but fun anyway!!  

Then to end the day I had to quick dress Payton and take him down to his T Ball game where we were later joined by his Mom and Ira.  They got there of course right as the game was starting.  Great game and we all went out to eat afterward and I think I finally fell in bed exhausted last night a little after midnight.  The first words out of Payton's mouth this morning to me were MiMi, when is the airshow??? 

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