Saturday, September 3, 2011

Halloween Ideas

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!!

I love all Holidays and Halloween is no exception!!  The little ones have sooooo much fun getting dressed up and trick or treating or as we did last year, "trick or trunking" at our local church!! 

I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest and thought I would share a few of my favorites and the links!

If you are having a Halloween Party, how about this cake??

Can we say CUUUUTE??

How about these??  These are Hershey Bars, wrapped in Crepe Paper and then "googly eyes" glued on!!
Halloween. hershey bar + crepe paper + google eyes. Super Cute!

or these??  These are just Milano cookies dipped in melted white chocolate candy melts...super easy!!
Now why didn't I think of these??

These little pails would be cute either for decoration or for the kids to put their candy in!! (one of my favorite blot sites EVER)
Easy to do and cute!!

This is a cute idea for just putting around the house!!

(I just found these on google one day)
Baby pumpkins with ribbon accents.

and a place for free Halloween printables
free printables

or these pumpkins??

and last but not least, who can resist a little lion??

I don't even have any babies this little but this costume is just too cute!!

My pinterest link is

These are just a few that I have on my Pinterest Board for Halloween!!  Stop by and visit and look at all of my other boards!!  I love all Holidays and Parties, and it's bunches of fun "pinning" all of the super ideas I find!!

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