Sunday, September 25, 2011

Butt Dialing, Random Dialing while holding your phone, and well, just RANDOM CALLING :)

Sooooooo I've been wanting to write this blog for a long time now, mostly because my kids make fun of me and the people I have called with my iPhone and then my Droid.  I don't just call random people and hang up either....there was always an elaborate occurrence to accompany it. 

First let me preface the following stories by next door neighbors phone number is ALWAYS saved under the number 5 on speed dial.  It's right in the middle of the keypad, and if at any time in the middle of the night I have reason to fear for our lives I can just push the five and he said he would  come over, shoot first and ask questions later LOL.  Really an awesome awesome guy.  I'm not so sure HIS WIFE will think it's so cool that he's located on my number 5 spot!! 

Back when I had my iPhone, and I would carry it in my hand....I would accidentally press the number 5 at least three times a week and just randomly call him.  :)  I would look later at my call history and be surprised to see so many calls to him haha. 

Sooooooo there was this one time......I was following my daughter Jessica in her car through our tiny little town, through a subdivision.  She was already a few blocks ahead of me, and I came around the corner and this woman just walked out in front of my car and started saying "hit me",  "Just run me over".....I was wondering...okeeee dokeee what kind of crazy woman is this??  So I stopped the car and got out and started talking to her, trying to calm her down etc.  What I didn't know is that when I got out of the car, I accidentally called MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR.  He is sitting there listening to this woman holler and scream and wail and say she wants to die, and someone needs to run her over etc and then the police showing up with sirens and I'm sure wondering WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY NEIGHBORS OMG!!!!! 
It wasn't until the next day that I realized I had called him during that time so I called him to tell him what had happened and he was like...wellllll I was kinda wondering what was going on and who that was and why you called me!!  Geeezzzeee. 

Sooooo today I did an even better one....and I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO POCKET DIAL ANYONE!! 
I went grocery shopping today.
I love to shop at Kroger, I always save so much money there and I am so happy when I leave that I have to call my daughter Jessica and tell her how much I saved.
I shopped, I got in my car, I scrolled through recent calls, found her and called. 
I was a little surprised when a guy answered the phone, but I thought it was her boyfriend so it wasn't really a big deal...he and I get along great.
So I start talking. First I ask in my sweetest voice "what are you doing??  You know, 


He says, oh nothing just riding to the river.  I really didn't think anything about it since we live 1 mile from the Neches River.  I chit chatted and said something like "well that's awesome, y'all have a good time!!" 


 I tell him....."I just left Kroger, and I always call Jessica when I leave and tell her how much I save. (thinking this is Paul, HER BOYFRIEND).  I told him...."The total was $70 but when they finished the savings thing it was $43.  I was like, "I had 42 items, so that's like a dollar an item and I even had a whole thing of hamburger meat in there too. ".  He had been just kind of like...uh huh...yeah that's great really.  Then I said "yeah, I guess that's probably not so exciting to you"....I'm sitting here laughing hysterically as I type this.....and then it hit me like a
I had not called
I had called

for some reason it finally dawned on me that was his voice

he had accidentally called me earlier today and was trying to call the person below me on his contact list
so that's why he was on my most recent calls as I was scrolling throught to find


I started laughing so hard and apologizing and told him that I thought I was calling

He was saying....yeah that's a great deal at the grocery store loved hearing all about it



Yeah, I'm sure it's great to have a random call from your neighbor telling you what a great deal they got at the grocery store!!  I'm sure his WIFE looooooves me OMG!!!!! 

There is not much hope for people like me!! 

I'm seriously thinking my next blog should be over


* Just to throw this story in after I've already published the blog and some have read it....I remember this funny story as well...has nothing to do with dialing but alllll to do with calls*

I was driving down the road with Adleigh one day, and she couldn't have been over about six months old.  I thought it would be great to order a pizza.  I got Pizza Hut on the phone and the nice man was taking my order when Adleigh decides to start , how shall I say in a polite way.....awww heck....she started the backseat.  Not just baby tiny toots but loud ROLLING FARTS.  I knooowwwwwwww the man on the other end is thinking it's me and I'm like OMG....soooo I have to say something so I say...ADLEIGH and giggle.....then he finishes taking my order and he's still on the line and SHE DOES IT AGAIN!!!  It was so funny and I know dang good and well he probably just thought I was doing it and blaming it on the poor innocent baby!!  I could hardly look him in the eye when I went to pick up our order!!!  Awww a day in my life!!!


  1. oh yeah...I'd love to read about what all you've dropped your phone into- I can only imagine! lol hugs :o)

  2. LOL I'm thinking I should name my blog....if you have loooooots of time to sit and read funny storis about the stupid things I do....let's see....there was a plate of spaghetti, the melted ice cream, the recent glass of milk....and who could forget the cream cheese accident of 2010??

  3. Didn't you drop it into ice cream once? Seems like I remember something like!

  4. Yep, just read your response to Lisa AFTER I posted DOH....there was ice cream involved LOL

  5. Lisa and Gina I have tried umpteen times to comment on this and blogger is so " finicky" some days that I am just now able to. Lisa, the first comment didn't read as I meant it haha....what I intended for it to get across was that I thank you for reading my silly stories and it takes so much time to read my lengthy tales some days that I should rename my blog LOL!!

    Gina....haha, yes, there has been ice cream amongst many other daughter once dropped Payton's bio dads phone into some tea, and she has dropped hers into a bowl of soup. You just can't trust us around phones!! :)



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