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A Servant's Heart ~ The Bastrop Fires

Good Morning Friends!! I think back on my growing up years and I realize today how blessed I was to have had such fine examples of "Servant's Hearts" in my grandparents and parents.  A Servant's heart can best be described by these quotes and bible verses I found

Humility and a servant’s heart also define Jesus, who came to give His life for all who are poor and needy. “Whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant,” he said. (Matt 20:26). “All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)

As my daughter Jessica and I were on our way to bring a load of donations to the Smithville/Bastrop fire victims, I thought of my grandmother who had told me several times how vividly she had remembered being one of the first nurses on the scene of the New London School Explosion in 1937.  She never never described what she saw, she only said that she heard there was an immediate need and went and helped. 
298 men, women, and children died that day :(
During my years growing up, both sides of my family were always helping those in need.  Someone who needed a home, some groceries, an ear to listen.....I sure do feel blessed and humbled beyond measure this morning to carry on the tradition. 

I have been very busy the last few days shopping and gathering supplies to carry down to one of the disaster relief centers in Smithville, Texas.  Smithville and  Bastrop are neighboring communities.  They have both been hard hit by the wildfire.  The fire has destroyed over 34,000 acres, and as of this morning is still only 50% contained, and as of yesterday 1,700 homes have burned to the ground. 

Because I have two little ones in my life, my little 5 year old grandson and my granddaughter who is 2 1/2, those were the ages that I wanted to help the most.  I thought to myself of what it would be like for their parents to one day have everything they needed for their precious babies, and then the very next have nothing at all.  No formula, no diapers, no bottles, no sippy cups, no tylenol, and for a lot of them to have their purses, wallets, and cars burn in the fires.  Being reduced to having to rely on others is a really really hard spot to be in. 

Just shopping for these items made me tear up, and I felt kind of silly walking through Wal Mart pushing a giant buggy of formula with tears in my eyes!!

Here are some photos of the items we sent down there...

Lots and Lots of grandson required a special very expensive formula as a baby so I had to buy some of that too....for those moms who are wondering how they will pay for it...

To keep their toothies clean


Had to buy toddler toothbrushes and grandson will only brush his teeth with bubblegum toothpaste or any flavor besides mint...and I know there are some other little ones down there just like him!! 

Baby Soap and Adult Deodorants

The car packed up and ready to ROLL!!

Smithville  Water Tower

Some of the trucks parked at their fire station

The building where they are taking and sorting donations
They can be found on Facebook under
Distribution Center for Victims of Bastrop County Fires.  If you are a fire victim, everything they have is free to you. 

Jessica with the guys getting the car unloaded

The teenagers unloading our vehicle....they were so sweet and helpful....and when I told them the box of formula was heavy they showed me their "muscles"...sooo cute LOL

There are fire lanes dug into all of the medians along the helped keep the fires from crossing the road in some places and not in others

There is literally a Texas Highway Patrol or Sheriff's officer guarding every major road entrance to a subdivision...they are also patrolling up and down all the highways.

The news crews just line the road...they were all standing in a meeting as we went by, I'm guessing they were receiving the latest update

Taco Cabana in Bastrop ~ Feeding the firefighters for free!!

The insurance companies all have tents and places set up...I do believe every major insurance company had a tent out there!!

More Insurance Companies

Firemen from all across the State of Texas and all across the United States have come in to help fight this fire!!

It was heartbreaking to see the devastation first hand.  I really can't imagine what life will be like now for those 1700 familes as they try to rebuild their lives.  They will need all the help they can get for the next year or so!! 


if you want to donate, either donate, there are many Central Texas Fire relief links on Facebook and on the internet.  One of the best places to find current info is on Facebook under

Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management

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