Friday, November 25, 2011

Today Is A Blank Page!!

I tend to this every year about this time.  I try and find time to spend by myself and reevaluate my life and where everything stands as of this moment.  I start thinking of what I would like to see improve, the sucesses and the failures I've had during the last year, and where I want to see myself headed during the next year, what I want to see myself accomplish.  I certainly don't sit down and make a giant physical list and check each thing off religiously as I go throughout the year, but more or less hold myself accountable in my head LOL!!  I might should make a list, it might motivate me a little more to see these things in print that I want to achieve!!! 

My approach to life is that "Every Day Is A Blank Page".  We all have the ability to start over and change whatever we want each and every day. You are NOT who you were yesterday or last week, or even last year, and only you can change what you don't like in your life or improve upon what is already there that you do like!!  :) 

All my life I have had different role models.  As the years come and go the people I admire and look up to and want my life to be like change.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to emulate those you admire.  Just don't forget that YOU ARE YOU and YOU are UNIQUE AND's ok to take someones love for volunteering and look at it and say, hey, I would love to do that, and go and run with it and add your OWN unique touch to what you admire!!  :)  Just remember YOU ARE YOU and don't hold yourself  to trying to BE JUST LIKE SOMEONE's a toxic no win situation!! 

Tomorrow you can look for a new job, take a class in knitting, dye your hair, apologize to a friend or loved one and get it off your chest, adopt a pet, start saving money, start a walking program, play for 30 minutes with your kids, or whatever it is you want to do.  :)

I want to add that it takes 28 days of repetition before something becomes a "habit".  Don't give up on any new adventure after just a few days!!  :)

I have recently figured out that I am so "bombarded" with negativity, it's all over the T.V., I'm subscribed to a few pages on Facebook that bring me news feeds of the kids who have been abused and how their abusers have been arrested (I am such a supporter of anti child abuse missions), but to see it constantly starts to drain your joy. I have had to finally "hide" them for the time being.   This is an issue, when it's hard to see the GOOD things in life.  Sometimes you just have to turn off ALL the negative  and back away from those things that suck the joy out of your life, and surround yourself with the pretty, the good, the happy, the innocent etc....I think it's self preservation.  It's not to deny that the bad exists, but you can't participate fully in life when you yourself are starting to feel worn down from all the weariness of the world.  This is my immediate goal for the month of December.  I am focusing on my family, the things that make me smile, my friends and all the happy times we all have during this Christmas Season!!

We are all ever changing and growing, let's make sure this next year we are growing and changing in the most awesome directions possible!!

Oh, and coming from me, TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU!!  There is only one YOU!! 
Love, Accept, Forgive, and Be good to yourself

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