Saturday, November 12, 2011

11-11-11 at 11:11 A.M.

Day 10
(I know, I wrote two in one day haha but since I skipped yesterday and well a few more days what the heck....)

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I couldn't help but want to do something fun and special to document the once in a lifetime date yesterday!!  I got my dry erase calendar down and of course had to write these things!!

Adleigh Claire and MiMi


and in this moment life is Perfection!!

We went outside at about 11:08, and I think we took about 30 shots before we came back in...haha so technically it was about 11:35 when we finished....but I was out there with my sweet little granddaughter sitting in my lap at 11:11, on 11-11-11
and that my friend is

Here are the photos I was the most happy with

I have never been able to do the whole "hold your arms out and take a pic" this one I got me and half of Adleigh :)

Got me grinning and Adleigh laughing...she thought it was funny

Finally both of us together :) 

Love this sweet little granddaughter of mine!!

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