Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barbie ~ A Classic

Day 9

 Today as I was cleaning out a closet, I came across all of the Barbies and Barbie suitcases, accessories, clothes, shoes, and everything else Barbie I ever had as a child, and that my girls have played with since I was a kid, and that I had passed on to them.

It was such a nostalgic time for me!!

I took down each and every box and opened them and looked in them.
A lot of the outfits I remember as a child, and I remember my mother making me tiny little blankets so that my Barbie's could have little beds etc...

Some of the Barbies now of course are missing heads, legs, arms....and I now have a one armed Ken doll!!

It is time to pass our Love Affair and Legacy of playing with Barbies on to my granddaughter.
She is 2 1/2, I may just have to let her play with a few at a time, and make sure she doesn't rip all of their heads off or cut their hair!!

I think she is ready for


Of course I had to take some photos of the collection !!

 I've had these Barbie cases since I was a tiny little girl!!  Some of the Barbies I have are equally as old!!  I got really tickled looking at all of the "retro clothes" in there
 I had a lot of fun looking at all of these tiny little food items....especially the TURKEY

The cute little tennis rackets

Barbie Hangers, I know one of my cases has a tiny little closet in it

Have to have tiny little brushes and hats!!

Loved this little suitcase

One of the Ken retro shirts

retro skirt

The shoes that were actually still together as a pair

Looove this jacket!!  Kinda wish I had one like it now!!

The little yellow Jacket was always my favorite!!

Rows and Rows of Barbie Clothes!! 

I have totally enjoyed my trip back in time tonight!!

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