Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Advent/Christmas Countdown Calendars

I love the Christmas Season and my grandkids are at the perfect ages this year to start this tradition.  :) :)  It just takes a little imagination and about ten dollars and you can have your whole Advent/Christmas Countdown  Calendars made.  For ours I will probably buy a small bag of candy and go to the party store and buy a small bag of misc party favors where I can alternate what is in the little stockings/boxes every day. 

Here are some of my favorite inspirations that I have found on Pinterest this week to get your inspirations flowing!!

This one is probably by far my favorite!!  :)
Stocking Advent Countdown

I think these little felt stockings are a super cute idea!!

These little red stockings are equally as cute.  I am pretty sure you can go to Hobby Lobby/ Wal Mart or the Dollar Tree and buy a pack of these (I think they come 5 or 10 to a bag) realllly inexpensively.  All that's left is just to number them and hang them up!!

Love this idea of making the countdown using paper bags and a printable stapled to it!! 

The tags can be found at Free Printable Tags

These are just super cute as well!!

Here's a page of many many ideas, there is bound to be one you just adore on here as well!! 

Here's an idea to put in your little calendar spots!!

This is another cute idea!!  Take 25 of your childs favorite books and wrap them all up!!  Enjoy unwrapping one each night for a bedtime story!! My grandkids get a bedtime story each night so I know they would loooove this idea, and you are only out the cost of the wrapping paper!! 

Hope you find the inspiration you are looking for and that you and your children have an absolutely beautiful Christmas/Advent season filled with lots of love and laughter!! 



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