Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just let me stay *outside*

Day 8

One of my most favorite places to be is



of course


have to share

One of my favorite Pinterest boards for


I will start with a photo of my
DREAM infinity pool!!
ok, so the beach is an added extra
Pinned Image

These photos are in totally random order, kind of fits me well LOL....this next one is of a swing that would be super easy to make for the kiddos....not that I don't love store bought swingsets....but this one just seems to "belong" in a yard!!
Pinned Image

I looove this porch!!

Pinned Image

Can I just have this behind my house lol??

Pinned Image

A link to DIY outdoor lighting

Pinned Image

The meditterranean style is TOTALLY my if I just had a house to match this fabulous patio
Pinned Image

I actually think we could put something like this behind the house.....but this needs lots more landscape with it
Pinned Image

Our biggest project coming up is to install a "rock walkway" from where we park the cars to the front door......I'm sure I will have to write a blog over it!!  :)

Enjoy your Wednesdays and THANKS for stopping by!!  :) :)

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  1. Like you, the exterior part of my house is one of my favorite places in the property. That is why I make it a point to decorate and design it the way I like it. And I think the exterior look would not be complete without the outdoor lights that illuminate the place. With lights, you can put some dramatic glare on the garden. It is also an added security feature at home.[Allison Shallenberger]



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