Thursday, November 3, 2011

A girl can dream, right?!?!

Day 5

Sometimes there are just things that when you look at them they make you smile.

Pretty much anything that involves painting, gluing, cutting paper, playing with tape, glitter, sparkles, and making people smile is that thing for me.

Last night while playing on Pinterest I had the bright idea to search for

Craft Organization Ideas

Every time I look at the "pins" I pinned I feel at peace, happy, and I want to live in those rooms!!

Because they make me so happy, I am going to share my "pins".  All of these are things I would like to do in my home!!  Not at the same time of course, but any combo of the pins below would probably just be a dream come true, and I am sure it would be a dream come true to my hubby as well, who has to live with the miscellaneous paint dots on the dining room table and glitter everywhere, and of course Easter Grass, but that's another blog.

Isn't this awesome? 

@Jackie France this reminds me of how well you organize!!

This next one is just "to die for"

Pinned Image

I need those ribbon hangers!!

This next one is from the same website,

Pinned Image

A "repurposed" china cabinet painted black with litte trays made out of cardboard Propel water boxes

You can bet I will be on the look out for one at all of the thrift stores!!

 Here's a pic of the boxes up close!!

Pinned Image

I read this morning where this shelf is available at Michaels!!  Guess who will be going there??

Pinned Image

Same shelf different way

Pinned Image

I love this idea of screwing jar lids to the underside of a shelf for storage!!  Boy do I have tons of stuff I could put in these!! (like the little pom pom balls I used for the  Snoopy Noses on my Halloween Treat Sacks.  My grandson thought they would be fun to put in his mouth yesterday and blow at me....yes, another blog I know)

Pinned Image

and last, but not least, I want this printed and framed!!
Pinned Image

Ahhhh I feel like I've just got my "fix" again......
I'm sure I will be leading some of you over to the "dark side" LOL of crafting addiction!!  :)


  1. That is awesome! I love Pinterest and they have so many neat ideas on that site.

  2. Thank you girl!! Oh my gosh I am succhhhh a Pinterest addict now!! Let me know how to find you and I will come follow you!! :)



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